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Giving back never goes out of style! If you follow me on IG, you probably saw that I attended the Baby2Baby Gala this past Saturday. Over the past two years many of you have asked me what Baby2Baby does. The non-profit provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

This year we raised over 4.7 million dollars for children in need at the 2019 Baby2Baby gala. Along with attending the gala and donating volunteer time, Studio LB supports a child in need every holiday season by adopting-a-family through their Family2Family Program. I always request that we are matched with a family who has a boy the same age as Mars so that he learns just how fortunate he is all year and especially during the holiday season.

There are so many families out there who have to choose between food and diapers, and can’t afford basics let alone holiday gifts for their kids. Baby2Baby’s Family2Family program gives you wish list information along with a shopping checklist to buy warm clothes and gifts for a homeless family with young children ages 0-12 in L.A. If you are living outside of L.A. you can look for similar programs in Baby2Baby’s national network.


Lauren wearing    Solid & Striped

Lauren wearing Solid & Striped

A big topic that came up on our recent LB Activation to Sayulita was sunscreen and choosing between mineral and chemical sunscreens, and the debate has stuck with me all summer long as I ramped up sun protection for myself and my family. If you remember the conversation from our Studio LB facebook group, our community’s clear favorite for nontoxic and reef-safe sunscreen was Blue Lizard’s sensitive formula. While I’m not brand or type loyal, I’ve been good about wearing SPF on my face my entire life and I’m aiming to be more consistent with wearing sunscreen on body since living in California.  I tend to stay out of the sun and I do eat tomatoes and tomato paste everyday and I feel that it helps me tremendously, as I rarely burn.

There are two main types of sunscreen types, and I feel like it’s important to take a look at chemical versus physical or mineral sunscreens and where each shines. While these two main types of sunscreens work differently, they both provide protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Mineral, or physical, sunscreen contains two main ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Honestly, I use both. even if I do look a tiny bit like a 1980s lifeguard with a bright white zinc nose.

Mineral sunscreens are more commonly reef safe, and gentler on our environment. They form a barrier on the surface of your skin to reflect UV rays, and require liberal application. Try putting a thick mineral sunscreen on a squirmy toddler or an 8 year old kid (Mars goes to both camp and school with Sun Bum or Neutrogena Kids wet skin spray packed in his bookbag - it just works best for our family. Mineral would be a hot mess for him to apply on his own and would ruin his clothes). In my mind, the only downside of mineral sunscreen is application! You really have to cover fully, and it can be less user friendly than chemical sunscreen formulas.

Chemical sunscreen ingredients include avobenzone, oxybenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate. Whew, that’s a mouthful. You probably grew up with chemical sunscreens: Banana Boat, Coppertone, Neutrogena, Hawaiian Tropic, etc. Chemical sunscreen penetrates the top layer of your skin to absorb UV rays before they damage the skin. Unfortunately, there is data to support that some chemical sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone are detrimental to coral reefs, and the FDA has suggested they could act as hormone disruptors. Pros certain chemical sunscreens include ease of application, and that they can contain antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients like green tea or reservatrol. 

When I asked Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Kimberly Jerdan her take, she said “although chemical sunscreens can be formulated to last longer, the heat generated by the absorption can worsen skin conditions like melasma and rosacea.” She’s strongly pro-mineral sunblock over chemical formulations. Dr. Jerdan suggests finding mineral sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide with a concentration above 10%, and stresses that reapplication is key every two hours when outside, sweating, or physically active. She regularly shares insider skincare information on Instagram @drskinberly.

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure to wear it regularly. Always look for the term “broad spectrum” which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and I’ve routinely heard that SPF 30 or higher is a good idea. Then reapply reapply reapply as you’re in the sun, or after going for a dip. And of course, talk to your dermatologist about which brand is right for you and your skin type!



How has living on the West Coast affected your lifestyle?

California has always felt like home to me. Whenever I would travel here for work or vacation I’d never want to leave. Jordan says LA is my “Spirit City” which seems about right. My lifestyle has shifted a bit since moving to the West Coast. I feel like it’s quieter in LA - I spend much more time at home in LA than I ever did in Philadelphia. I’m not on edge and running around LA like I was on the East Coast. I’m much more balanced, present, and chilled-out here. In addition to my at-home Studio LB practice it’s also been really nice for me to step outside my house and go for a walking call, or a hike or run at Runyon.

Is routine important to you, or do you prefer to go with the flow when it comes to your schedule?

Routine is important to me when it comes to health and wellness but I’m very much a go with the flow person, which can be both good and bad! Being over-scheduled with work squashes my creativity and I prefer to create and produce one - two workouts on certain days, and then the rest can be more spontaneous. I think leaving room for spontaneity in your life leads you down some pretty awesome roads.

With that being said, do you have any bedtime routines or rituals that help you sleep well?

Every night I put ten solid minutes in on my foam roller and take a bath followed by Papa & Barkley’s Whole Body Releaf 30:1 CBD Tincture.

Tell me about your skincare approach for your face and body.

My routine is pretty simple. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of a healthy diet and sweating everyday. I don’t eat a lot of sugar or dairy. Other than that, daily Gua Sha, and micro-current a few times a week. I’ve been using Dr. Bucky’s Alphaeon and Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform for years.

What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you, and do you actively follow it?

My parents always allowed me to be myself, and told me to do what I love and try to make money doing it. I absolutely follow (most of) their advice.

If stressors in your life cannot be avoided, what are your methods of dealing with them?

It has to be pretty stressful in order to really eat at me, but if I’m sweating something I like to breathe and remind myself that things aren’t always going to be okay, and to accept that.

How’s your relationship with your body? 

OMG I am so in tune with my body. I sorta have this like, body intuition with myself (and other people’s bodies). I can read it really well, and know when I need to cut out sugar or dairy, or back off during a workout. My outlook on my body has changed since turning 40. I feel stronger than ever and my mind and body are super meshed. I know who I am and I love every inch of me, and for me that really came with age.

Can you tell me about a book, movie, or podcast that has influenced you recently?

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari kinda blew my mind.

In your practice with Studio LB, you always build in a Rest or Yoga day. Can you explain the importance of that day?

Taking a rest day is so important. Your body rebuilds itself via rest. You simply cannot become stronger without it. CCS is intense and so full-body. Every muscle is integrated into the workout and the rest day is so necessary! Yoga is the perfect companion as it really helps with stretching and alignment.

What do you look for in a Yoga teacher?

The main things that I look for is a teacher with great anatomy knowledge, and a willingness to be super authentic. I don’t need someone to be nice and I think it's crucial for teachers to be real and that’s what really attracts me. I want to feel something. When teachers are true educators it’s so palpable. Here in LA, I love Emilie Perz. She’s so gifted!

Do you ever see yourself having a Studio again?

You know, CCS is very niche and unique but the current market is very different from when I started out. It’s so saturated. I’ll never say never, but not right now. I have days where I have a slight itch but operating studios is not what excites me. I love the digital world. I love being able to be a part of everyone’s day wherever they are. I LOVE teaching and creating. That’s my gift. I also love being a part of people’s lives without the need or pressure to be people’s ONLY thing. I think that we’re really in the midst of a huge fitness shift; a cultural moment.

Why do you think people gravitate towards you and Studio LB?

I think it's a mixture of things. First and foremost, the workout and the results. But, it's more than just changing your body. It's always been about empowering women through movement and this movement in particular really fuels confidence and strength. It literally makes you feel like you’re f*ing Beyonce. It’s so powerful. And fun. The Program changes people’s bodies and headspace.

What’s the most common mistake you see when you’re training someone new to Cardio Cheer Sculpting?

Just not giving it enough time to fully master the technique or not committing to learning the basic bio-mechanical principles. CCS is a different type of movement. Discipline is a huge part of success with CCS and there are huge rewards of committing to Studio LB fully, working hard, and seeing the program through. You can’t make excuses and succeed when it comes to fitness.

What advice to women always ask you for?

Number one would be what they should eat to see the best results.

What do you do to unwind or treat yourself?

I unwind by listening to music or reading and I love to hang with my girls or treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at Olive & June or go shopping. And wine…wine and shopping!

What’s your favorite love song?

Ahh! Probably a tie between Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen and Rolling Stones Beast of Burden.

To be continued next week…

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Hey Team LB! We're kicking off a new month with some serious core work. This week, you'll feel your waist tightening as we tax the abs in every workout. And, if you put the work in, you'll ABSolutely see visible changes by the weekend.

New Full-Length Workouts: Cardio: 40-min Hella, & 43-min Sculpt Full Circle

New Quick Burn Workouts: Feeling Myself is a 23-min. no equipment standing abs workout & Flash LB, a Cardio + Sculpt gem from October.

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Last week I started a little weekly column here called LIVING BETTER, where I'll share ways to help you stay inspired to live better, and healthier. 

Today I want to talk about using movement to break negative patterns and shift your mindset. The quickest and easiest way to upgrade your mood is to move.  You can literally move the negative out of your mind and body, because movement can chemically change how you feel.  Emotion is enhanced by motion, and movement can make you feel sexy, strong, beautiful and empowered (especially CCS).

How many times have you gotten up in the morning, sat up in bed and decided right then and there that you were in a bad mood, were totally unmotivated to do anything, or go anywhere, let alone workout.  It happens to all of us.  Just last week I had the worst PMS and I was procrastinating and angry at the world.  I don't think that I moved much for two days straight and then I went for a short walk, and momentum took over.  Later that same day I shot a full length Studio LB workout and felt 100% better. 

Breaking a negative pattern can be easy.  Here are three tips to help you take action and move the negative in a more positive direction: 

1. Movement Creates Movement.  When we're feeling negative or down, certain tasks seem impossible, right?  We tend to put things off (unloading the dishwasher, a 50-min. Studio LB workout), but if we just get started by taking that first step, it will have a snowball effect. Movement creates movement, and everything will fall into place.  

2. Motion Enhances Emotion.  On those days where you don’t feel like doing anything, try a short walk or one of my Quick-Burn workouts.  You can drastically change your mood and your mindset in just a few minutes.  

3. Call A Friend.  If you are feeling stuck, uninspired, you need an accountability partner (this is not a workout buddy)!  An accountability partner is someone that is depending on you as much as you are depending on them.  Who is your accountability partner?  It doesn't have to be in-person to be effective, it can be via phone, email, DM, FB group, or text!  


IMG_0532 2.jpg

Ah, balance. The buzz word all over the gram. Those balance posts drive me nuts more than statement tees do.  Balance is everywhere and we’re all searching hard for it.  And we should be, because it’s super important. Without it, we can feel kinda anxious and lost.  

Balance (or, happiness, IMO) is really a very personal thing and it’s super interesting because it looks so very different for each of us.  It relates to our life, mind-set, and our lifestyle.  It's about making healthy choices and feeling good, but also allowing yourself the freedom to have fun and be flexible so you’re not hyper-obsessed about every workout and meal.  

Balance is the wellness homeostasis that we’re all striving for, right?  But do we even know what it means?  Figuring out what it means to YOU is step one.  Then, how do we sustain a lifestyle that is fun and makes us feel incredible (healthy) rather than guilty or anxiety-ridden?  I’m asked this question everyday, and I’m here to tell you that it’s totally 100% possible!

Just like it takes time to reach your fitness goals, balance definitely doesn't happen overnight.  And, sometimes you have to really forgo it to fully learn how to achieve it.  For example, If you’re goal-getting, trying to lose weight, or level-up and become your most fit…there’s not going to be much balance happening.  You cannot be downing burgers and beers on a weekly basis and achieve your goals.  BUT, if you can’t have a little wine and dark chocolate what’s the point, right?  

Everyday people ask me about what I do to stay fit (this thing called Studio LB), what I eat, and if I’m restrictive all the time.  Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m enforcing restrictions on myself, because I feel like I've found my balance.  I do try to maintain a healthy, low sugar diet, but if I’m craving something sweet I’ll indulge in some Nutella (on an apple), or a healthy thin crust pizza.  But not every night.  I do enjoy a glass of wine every night and that’s my non-negotiable.  If I want or need to kick it into high gear and become leaner, I’ll nix the wine and choose something with less sugar.  My diet is often 90/10 or 95/5, but, I’m prepared to sacrifice certain things because I truly love the way training and great nutrition make me feel and look.  Do I ever reach for the Potato chips?  Of course, maybe once a month, but I'm def not pining over them.  

So how do we do it?  With a little bit of mindfulness and awareness.  By being mindful and raising our awareness on the things that cause us to feel imbalanced, we can overcome what has thrown us off-balance. 

When it comes to creating more balance, I recommend making small changes  instead of enforcing restrictions.  Sounds like LB 100, right?  For example, choose vodka + La Croix over that glass of wine.  Try cooking in chicken broth instead of butter a few days a week.  Cook four nights a week instead of ordering takeout or eating out. Try to move a little more every day:  Walk to work instead of taking the train, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park on the far end of the parking lot so that you walk more during the day. When it comes to exercise, do what you love.  Bottom line is, If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick with it.

If you’re new to this, or are trying to achieve your balance, I always recommend starting with the 80/20 rule.  Make healthy choices 80% of the time and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the things you crave 20% of the time.  And when you’re ready to take it to the next level, make the 20% the healthiest indulgent choices you possibly can.  

I'm here if you need me! 




I've always believed that diet is 80-90% of the fitness equation.  So much so, that I started a to-go healthy foods company (Lithe Foods) so that my clients could eat well and really feed their results. 

We sold lean, local and seasonal fare out of our fitness studios. I developed many recipes, did a lot of R & D, worked with great chefs, a nutritionist, and I also drank a shit-ton of cold-pressed juice.  For five years, juice was a part of my everyday (multiple times a day).  I loved it and truly believed in the power of juicing.  And, I still do.  But, everything in moderation, right? 

For many reasons (beyond juice) my body was very different back then.  And I weighed a lot more than I do now.  I can only imagine how many calories I was drinking per week!  I'm not at all anti-juice, but I strongly believe that the right vegetable blends are absolutely key.  Now, for me, low sugar, vegetable-based smoothies are what I'm drinking everyday for health.