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We've been retreating and achieving mind-blowing results since 2009.  Imagine one week to focus on yourself...connections, confidence, lessons learned, fabulous food and fitness, inches and pounds lost (without going hungry), unparalleled results, and an entire support system of like-minded people. 

Activations are life changing but sometimes it's better to hear another retreater's experience.  


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"I went to Nicaragua on my first retreat with Lauren in October of 2015. I was a little hesitant about signing up because I didn't know anyone who was going all that well (and to be honest, I was intimidated by the workouts), but I was in need of a vacation and a detox so I figured an Activation would check both of those boxes. I am SO glad I signed up, as it turned out to be one of the best trips of my life. I made great friends, ate amazing food, and worked my ass off in one of the most beautiful places I've been fortunate enough to visit. It's not often that you return from a vacation feeling fitter, healthier and more vibrant than when you left, but that's exactly what I experienced. I loved it so much that I immediately signed up for Lauren's next Activation in Jamaica! In short, I couldn't recommend Lauren's Activations more." - Katilin B.


“Worth every drop of sweat, energy, penny…. you name it. I think I have been on six retreats so far. Lauren has a system, and you have to trust it. She is very good at paying attention to everyone’s level of energy and how to adjust things as needed.

The food is ALWAYS amazing! She works with the staff at each resort/restaurant so that we get what we need. You will see results even without working out. I always come back home feeling stronger, leaner, and more energetic.

I have made so many close friends on these trips. The bond of pushing each other to work harder, get stronger and then relaxing on the beach between workouts and at meals is part of the experience that makes it unlike anything I have ever done. Getting down and dirty in the sand is part of the fun! And you will sleep like a baby at night!

The workouts are great. I always say: they are what you make of them. You can push yourself to what you are comfortable with. Lauren isn’t a drill sergeant. She is very encouraging and offers challenges or modifications. And she’s there live, so if you need anything you can talk to her. She’s a pro, and I've seen results EVERY time I go. Nothing is mandatory either. If you aren’t up for something, you always have the option to sit it out, do something else or even do extra activities.

I highly recommend getting a massage or some sort of spa treatment at some point during the trip. Part of the process is relaxing, bonding with the girls, fresh air, enjoying the relaxed island life, and try to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

I always come back with a great tan, amazing energy, inches lost (after my first trip I lost over 12” in just five days and I didn’t even think i had 12” inches to lose), many new friends for life, and grateful to Lauren for the experience. “ – Betsy C.

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"My first retreat was to Jake’s in Jamaica. I had been to Jamaica before, and my experience was not a positive one, but, I trusted Lauren, threw my preconceived notions out the window, and went to see the REAL Jamaica. I only knew fellow retreaters in passing, and had never met my roommate before. There was fear – would I collapse during the workouts, was I going to like the food, would I get along with the other ladies? Well, the workouts were hard, but I did not collapse, modifications were plentiful, and it was always fun. I still dream about the food, the callaloo and saltfish, tropical fruit and cool jellies. I made so many friends waiting for meals and lying in the sun. I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean, and slept like a baby. All the worries and cares and stress just melted away. Effective doesn’t begin to describe the experience. I came home down pounds and inches, calm, refreshed and renewed. I was in such a good mood for weeks after that my husband gave me the greenlight for all future retreats." - Lauren L.


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"Ever since I learned about Activation retreats I wanted to go, but two thoughts were holding me back 1) the price and 2) how was I going to make time for this in my hectic schedule? I was a Ph.D. student, which meant working long hours, high-pressure deadlines, and living on a very modest income. I spent a whole year dreaming about going on an Activation trip and following everyone’s Instagram posts from each fitness adventure. I finally recognized that Studio LB workouts with Lauren were something I looked forward to every day and that I had chosen a career where I would be busy for the rest of my life; so, I couldn’t keep using work as an excuse to not take a break for some self-care. Even though I didn’t know anyone going on the trip, I signed up to share a room (this was the best way to keep the cost down), and I’m so glad I did! My roommate and I became instant friends. It’s hard to put into words how AMAZING this trip was. The workouts take place in diverse, beautiful locations overlooking the beach and running around local landmarks. We even worked out on the beach and in the ocean! The twice-a-day workouts really made me stronger mentally and physically. I was able to bring my fitness intensity to a new level, which persisted in my workouts back at home after the retreat. I had plenty of energy to complete two workouts a day because we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the beach and eating...yes… lots of eating! I cannot believe how much delicious, fresh, healthy food there was. You will not go hungry on one of these trips. Because Lauren chooses places where the local cuisine is nourishing for your body, I didn’t have to worry about watching what I ate. Everything on the menu had amazing, unique flavors and was good for me. We all had a cocktail every night and everyone still slimmed down at the end of the trip. I loved getting to know everyone on the Activation, and we had a wonderful time laughing and exploring the country though scenic hikes up a mountain and boat rides. There are many fun activities and places to explore in-between workouts. Everyone came from different backgrounds, so it was fun to learn everyone’s sorties and bond over our shared passion for fitness. This was the most relaxed, refreshed, and productive I’ve ever felt after a vacation, and I cannot wait to go on another Activation!" - Alexandra B.

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"I think the whole package turned me off at first. Did I want to go away with a group of women and work out 2 times a day and eat clean - absolutely. BUT the distance of travel, the no TV/blow dryer, shaky cell phone reception & wifi, really roughing it in a remote location and the price tag deterred me. Once I drank the Kool aid I was hooked. Now, I hardly pack a bag and leave the blow dryer at home! The relationships I've made with new friends (and myself) are amazing, the results are REAL and the places we've been are so amazing! It's worth spoiling yourself :)" - Kellyann B.

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"Did I really want to spend my vacation time and budget on a retreat with mostly strangers? I wasn’t sure. But I’m so happy I took the plunge on a trip with Lauren to Jake’s Treasure Beach in Spring 2015. While I expected the challenging workouts and fresh meals, I was surprised to make meaningful connections with the funny, intelligent, and inspiring group of women on the adventure with me. My mind and body felt recharged, and my circle of friends grew too!"- Jill C.

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"Going on the Activation has been by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I am not exaggerating when I say that. If you need a push to go, let this be your push. I too was a little hesitant at first to book my trip because I was concerned about the food, if I could keep up with two work outs a day that had a reputation for being grueling, and travelling alone. Travel was very easy, the resort had a driver waiting for us at the airport. The food concerned me because I'm a picky eater, but wow the food was simple, but amazing. Just so fresh and clean. I had an amazing chicken dinner marinated in lime juice that I still think about. Also, you will definitely not starve! The workouts are no joke, you will get your butt kicked, but you can do it. I was with such an amazing group of women that were so supportive of one another and we pushed each other and encouraged one another. There were times when my body was exhausted, but I would look out at the ocean and it just fills your heart and soul and I felt so happy to be fortunate enough to be moving my body and getting stronger and pushing myself in such a beautiful part of the world. It's hard for me to put in to words how restorative the Activation was for me and what a mental and physical reset it was. As Lauren is known to say, it's magic. Being able to unwind and be disconnected really did my mind good. I came back with a new perspective on life, I am not kidding you, and it's really changed how I think about things, and has made me more open to adventure and saying yes to new things. Now, as for the physical part, of course I came back stronger and leaner, I lost about 6 inches overall. I have also lost more inches since Activation because achieving those results just amps up your workouts at home, you push yourself more and for me I achieved those results and didn't want to go back. Activation is just something that permeates your whole life in such a great way. And, if you end up in a Mayan sweat lodge, stick it out and go through all 7 doors." - Nikki K.