In working with thousands of women over the last two decades, an overwhelming majority tell me they’re unhappy with the number on the scale. While I understand weight is a personal priority for many, it’s not always the best indicator of overall health. This week I’m interested in talking about a few non-scale victories (NSV) I’ve heard from you that can act as a barometer for your fitness and health progress. 

Broadly, a NSV is a health achievement that has nothing to do with your actual physical weight on the scale. Here are a few NSVs some of you have achieved and shared with me over time working the Studio LB program:

Increased Stamina and Strength

So yes this sounds almost more basic than Ugg boots and a PSL in October, but feeling harder, better, faster, stronger is such an ego boost. Studio LB users message me on the hotline (424-327-5470) when they can complete an entire CCS sequence without modifying or when their definition of “heavy weights” slowly changes from 5 or 8 pounds up to 10 or 12. As you work The Program or Quick Burns as laid out in my weekly calendars, every session emphasizes core strength, muscle balance, and stability as its foundation so you will incrementally grow your strength and cardio capacity. This strength and stamina has so many real world applications that can enhance your personal and professional life.

Better Sex

Your bra straps aren’t cutting into your back, sides, or shoulders and you know your buns are lifted high and tight after approximately one million Loop bridges. Feeling yourself and enjoying the way you exist in your naked body is key to being more open with a sexual partner and more open to accepting pleasure. Plus, increased blood flow from cardio coupled with a stronger core both contribute to stronger orgasms. More and better sex is a great NSV in my book.

Clothes Don’t Lie

One of my favorite things to hear from y’all is when your favorite pair of jeans slides on and buttons easily. I’m talking about the ones without even an iota of Spandex, maybe from like 1999, and they fit like a glove. Maybe your weight has remained steady, or even increased in some cases, but your shape has totally transformed. I feel like a broken record suggesting writing down your measurements monthly and taking before and after photos, but it’s an amazing and accurate way to track your progress regardless of your weight.

Let me know what drives you to stay consistent with Studio LB workouts and any NSVs you’ve celebrated along your fitness journey! I love seeing all of your posts on our Facebook page and in my DMs on Instagram.



I’m so excited to introduce y’all to my effervescent friend Dana Myers! Dana and I connected when she was living in St. Lucia and practicing Studio LB…I was so intrigued with her island life, positive attitude and her amazing hair. Dana’s a true inspiration who has changed my outlook on sensuality and sexuality as a mom. Feeling sexy and satisfied can definitely take a backseat in my life as a working mother, but Dana’s approach and advice is something women everywhere can incorporate to boost confidence, self-love and body acceptance. She’s the founder of the Booty Parlor, speaker, and author of two books called The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover and The Mommy Mojo Makeover. Read on to learn Dana’s outlook on sex, scheduling, Studio LB, and skincare secrets.


What can you tell us about Booty Parlor and its mission?
Booty Parlor is a sexy beauty & lifestyle brand I founded in 2005 alongside my husband, Charlie. Growing up, throughout my teenage years and into my womanhood, I’d always been naturally very curious and passionate about “all things beauty” and “all things sexy.” And while my career originally started in the music business, those innate passions eventually guided me to create a brand for women who wanted beautiful products that inspired them to feel sexier and more confident.

Back in the mid 00’s, the “sex industry” was still grounded in it’s XXX roots - bad packaging, bad ingredients, uninspiring imagery. And so, I saw the white space opportunity to do something better -- something more stylish & modern that catered to the way I liked to shop. So, we started developing sensual beauty, body and wellness products, as well as accessories and lingerie, and quickly grew the brand into a wholesale, home party and online business. Everything we did (and do!) is based on the core philosophy that every woman wants, needs and deserves to feel sexy, confident and desirable. These days, we no longer run all those distribution channels. We licensed the brand to a phenomenal partner who produces & distributes our line internationally, primarily in the Middle East.  

The personal journey I’ve been on with the brand, and in my career, has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve done hundreds of private workshops for women who want to feel more sensually and sexually empowered. I’ve published two books on women, sensuality, and satisfaction. And every day, I get to do what I love while empowering other women and mothers to feel more entitled to their own pleasure and to creating the best relationships possible (with themselves and their partner!).

As an author and a speaker, I share weekly content on my
website and hold live workshops on the topics of self-love, sex and relationships after kids. And what’s currently on deck is the launch of my new online course business. My signature course, The Satisfied Mama, is launching in June 2019. It’s a tools-based course with 35+ video lessons and practices designed to empower mothers to reclaim themselves and reignite their relationship after kids. Through video lessons and an online community, I walk mothers through the process of Loving their Body, Getting out of the “Mom Zone,” Awakening their Libido, Removing the Resentment, Reviving the Romance and Reigniting their Sex Life. This program is really the culmination of the last 15 years of my experience as a sex & relationships expert and the last eight as a busy mother.

With Kids.jpeg

You have a new book out called The Mommy Mojo Makeover. What is the top piece of advice you can give mothers to reconnect with their bodies?
Great question. There are SO many tools mothers can use to confidently reconnect with their bodies in the months (and years!) after giving birth. First, I think it’s REALLY important to call yourself out on the nasty habit of negative self-talk. You know - all the sh*t we tell ourselves about our thighs/tummy/tush when we’re standing in the mirror. Toning down that inner critic, and replacing the negative self-talk with sexy, self-loving affirmations is always a great place to start. An example of this is if you look at yourself and think “Ickkk, my boobs are so deflated,” you want to catch yourself. Pause, breathe and say something instead like, “My breasts are sweet, petite and still deserving of pleasure after nursing all these babies.” Even if the experience feels phony or awkward at first, with practice you will start to change the way you see and treat your body -- with love, acceptance and pride, instead of disappointment and shame.

Another body confidence-boosting practice is Self-Pleasure. Call it masturbation or a Solo Session, giving yourself pleasure is one of the most normal, healthy, honest and healing acts of self-care you can do for yourself as a woman and mother. When you give yourself pleasure, you boost your sexual energy and your personal power. You release anxiety and stress. You shift out of a negative state into a higher vibration. And you’re practicing SELF-LOVE in its purest form. It’s an amazing way to reconnect with your body, to reintegrate your sensuality into your life as a mom, and give yourself the vitality and stamina you need to rock all your roles and responsibilities!    

Between businesses and books, where does fitness fit into your schedule? Do you schedule time during your week for exercise, cooking, meditation or other forms of self care?
I work out two times per week at F45 - it’s functional training, with some days cardio, some days weights, some days both. I go to hot yoga at Sol Yoga in Miami once a week and do my Studio LB workouts at home one to two times per week. When I travel, which is often, I focus on my Studio LB workouts. And every night, I stretch and unwind my body for at least 20 minutes -- either in front of the TV or listening to music. I also walk around the neighborhood A LOT with my kids, who are now 5 & 8. We’ll kick a ball around or ride bikes after dinner at least four times per week. It’s important to us that the kids have the habit of moving after a meal in a pleasurable way.  

And yes, I’m super, super strict with my scheduling! Every Sunday night, I look at my week overview and sketch out the big things I want to accomplish, both professionally and personally (and that includes date nights & intimacy, too). Then, every morning, I sit and map out exactly what I’m doing that day, hour by hour, including specific work tasks, self-care/pleasure, meals, a mid-day “reset” nap, time with the kids, time with the husband, time with friends, domestic duties, etc. Obviously, I don’t do all of that every single day, but the practice of planning & scheduling is what keeps me on track, sane, and feeling productive.

Mommy Mojo.jpeg

We're always on the hunt for excellent new recipes, hair/skincare products, podcasts, etc. Do you have any secrets to share?
My current favorite recipe is from the Keto*tarian book by Dr. Will Cole. It’s called “Coconut Veggie Stir-Fry with Cauliflower Rice.” It’s lightly creamy, just rich enough, and packed with a ton of delicious veggies. In the last year, I lost 15 pounds by doing my own version of a Keto lifestyle -- and this book has given me a lot of great, veggie-heavy options!

For skincare? I’ve fallen in LOVE with the brand
Tatcha. It started with their facial cleanser, called The Deep Cleanse. I’m also a huge fan of their Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I’m prone to break-outs (even at 42 years old, gah!), and their products help calm everything down without being harsh or drying.

For makeup, to me, blush is everything. It’s like the ONE product I can’t live without. Right now, my favorite is
Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink. When in doubt, put on blush and think of orgasms!

And while I do listen to podcasts, lately I’ve been journaling during the windows of free time I have. It’s something I did throughout my whole life, but then stopped in the last 10 years. I’m so happy I’ve picked it back up because it’s REALLY creative and healing to pour your heart out on the page while listening to great music… and then put it away and return to life!

You can find Dana Myers on instagram @danamyersxoxo and at her website

Photography by Alejandra Escalante