7/22/19 Studio LB


It’s another sweat dripping off your nose kinda week, and we’re finishing the month with three new total-body workouts and Brooke, a much loved cardio + sculpt from the first week of July.

This week's workouts:  Bomba, Kayce & Honey

New Full-Length Workouts: Bomb is a 50-min. total-body, heavy weight cardio + sculpt that is super fun and sweaty. The cardio has two breakdowns that progress to pushups and total-body weighted sculpt. This week’s sculpt, Kayce is killer total-body sculpt session that will leave you sweaty and balanced. Speaking of balance, you'll feel challenged!

Quick Burn Workouts: Honey is a 23-min. balanced, loop Quick Burn that really targets the abs, glutes and upper body with flexion, extension and rotation. Speaking of balance, you’ll be challenged for sure.

Featured Music: Koffee, Khalid, Drake, Zara Larsson, benny blanco, Andrew Belle, Chrome Hearts, Lykke Li, Rhye, The Weeknd, & Leven Kali.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere

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Upper Body in less than 30


It’s upper body week! We’re just shy of our 500 workout mark and there are so many gems in the library. If you’re looking for a little extra pop while working everything in under 30-minutes, I recommend searching:

Quick Burn: 28-min Atomic (Cardio Core & Arms)

Quick Burn: 20-min Cardio Abs & Arms

Quick Burn: 19-min Poppy

Quick Burn: 14-min High Summer Arms

Quick Burn: 10-min Dbl Banded Arms & Core

7/15/19 Studio LB


Ready to bare arms? We’re beginning the week with four new total-body (with an upper body focus) workouts that will really sculpt your arms, shoulders and back.

This week's workouts:  Little Debbie, Throwback, Golden & Poppy

New Full-Length Workouts: Little Debbie is a 50-min. total-body, light and heavy weight cardio + sculpt that is so fun and sweaty. The cardio breakdown progresses to burpees, pushups, see-saws, lunges, single and double leg deadlifts and upper body This week’s sculpt, Throwback is a weighted core, upper body and back sculpting session that is all grounded. I prefer to work the back slowly to avoid injury. You won't be a sweaty mess during this workout unless you utilize heavier weights. The transition from plank to Bow to extension and Pilates down dog is a tough one. Please modify if needed and tilt pelvis before you lift to plank (I cue this).

Quick Burn Workouts: Golden is a 25-min. balanced, wrist weighted QB that really targets the abs and upper body with flexion, extension and rotation. Poppy is a 19-min. wrist weighted and light weight QB. that really targets the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Featured Music: Koffee, Khalid, Drake, Zara Larsson, benny blanco, Andrew Belle, Chrome Hearts, Lykke Li, Rhye, The Weeknd, & Leven Kali.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere

Activewear by: Nike, Adidas, Adam Selman, Fit Mama, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!


Loving yourself should never be seen as a radical act, but a conscious and common choice you make. But of the women I work with and know, very few can honestly say they love their body unconditionally. Sadly, positive body image and positive self talk is both uncommon practice and pretty radical among women. If you only read one part of this post, read this and try to commit it to memory: you only have one body in this lifetime, so what is the point in spending your time hating on it and picking yourself apart?

I’m not saying that you can never address aspects about your body that make you insecure or unhappy, but working with yourself rather than against is surely a happier route to take in order to make a change. You’ve heard me say it before that exercise should be an enjoyable part of your lifestyle that you feel grateful you get to do, instead of a punishment you have to do to fit a certain ideal body type. While Studio LB is super effective for challenging your muscles and building cardio stamina, I try to always keep it dynamic and fresh so you’re still having fun while working.

There are a few easy ways to begin giving yourself some grace when it comes to your body image and self talk, some of them a little less conventional than others.

  • Thank your body for its strengths, and forgive its weaknesses. Appreciating the tiny movements you often take for granted is a simple first step toward a better relationship with your body. I’m so thankful I’m strong enough to lift up my kid and give him a big bear hug after he hurts himself. But there may be a day (soon?!) he outgrows me and I know I’ll have to accept my physical inability to lift him up that way anymore. Hopefully on that day I won’t register it as a failure, just a shift.

  • Think of the way you talk to yourself in your head, and now think of how angry you’d be if someone said those things out loud to your best friend, daughter, sister, etc. “Your back fat rolls are disgusting and you definitely didn’t need a second greasy slice of pizza last night. Gross.” You’d be outraged to hear it, so stop saying it to yourself.

  • If you use social media, find people with a range of body types to follow for inspiration on fashion and lifestyle. This may sound minor, but we’re constantly inundated with images of women that may not reflect what we see in the mirror and it can be super helpful to see more models with diverse bodies. When I was younger, it was they heyday of Kate Moss and my figure definitely wasn’t heroin chic. Today, it can feel like unless your measurements match a Kardashian or Em Rata you’re screwed. Filling your feed with diverse, personally relatable looks can help reframe your beauty standards.

  • Finally, a daily mantra to remind yourself that you’re a badass and deserving of love is really powerful. Look at yourself in the mirror before going to bed and repeat your mantra out loud ten times. Eventually, you’ll start believing the words. I have a hard time with this one and sometimes can’t think of a solid mantra, so lately I’ve found myself using Lizzo lyrics. Some good ones are “Put me on a pedestal, bet on me, bet I will.” “No I’m not a snack at all. Look, I’m the whole damn meal.” “I’ve been lifting heavy metal. See this ass? Ain’t no rental.” If nothing else, saying the lyrics as kind of spoken word poetry makes me laugh and feel happier afterward.

Working toward cutting out negative self talk can be a long process, and something that ebbs and flows with time and circumstances. I’m certainly not perfect at being kind to myself all the time. We can be so great at building up our friends and so ruthless cutting ourselves down. Try to give yourself a little grace and become friends with your body, and I promise you’ll end up feeling better both mentally and physically.


image via chillhouse

image via chillhouse

When it comes to skincare, I’ll never give up on my peels, serums, microcurrent, and jade roller, but lately I’ve been loving a more low tech approach that yields amazing results instead, using a super old school Chinese method called Gua Sha. “Gua Sha,” which directly translates to “scraping” in Chinese, is a healing technique in traditional East Asian medicine that uses a smooth crystal tool for facial massage (and other body parts too). 

I had been using a jade roller for a few years intermittently, but prefer the gentle “scraping” motion I’ve learned with this method. It invigorates my skin and I can immediately feel a boost in blood flow, like nothing below the surface is stagnating. Gua sha can relieve facial and jaw tension, promote cell renewal, renews facial contour, firms and lifts sagging skin, reduces inflammation, puffiness, diminishes blemishes, relieves encourage lymphatic draining, provides a great brow lift, and breaks up fascia. I swear I have fewer headaches, and my face looks contoured and more youthful after a session. Research shows the stimulating blood flow through this therapy can have anti-inflammatory and immune-protective effects that last for days following a single treatment. 

Personally, I learned how to do an at-home facial and the proper directional method from pro Kari Jansen of Poppy and Someday in Laurel Canyon and it was so helpful. The gua sha workshop I attended was part of a day long wellness retreat full of yoga, meditation, tarot readings, and fresh seasonal meals so basically heaven. Two big takeaways from the lesson I had was to work until the skin is red and to look for a tool made from rose quartz or jade, rather than acrylic. Kari says, “You want to Gua Sha until your skin turns pink or even red. For it releasing toxins, excess fire or inflammation, increases blood flow, and breaks up congested & cold lymph. When it’s deep red your body is releasing lactic acid and moving stagnation.”

I’m totally giving gua sha credit for clearer, brighter skin that feels and looks invigorated. The larger tool I have is also great for massaging my chest, arms, and thighs, boosting blood flow and improving the look of my skin’s texture. I’d definitely recommend seeking out a gua sha treatment or trying an at home facial.

If you’re looking for inspo, check out holistic skincare Britta Beauty on instagram. Her videos are not only great to have on hand if you're new to gua sha.

How To:

1. You’ll notice how much heat gua sha produces so, you can prime your skin with a bit of facial oil or moisturizer to ease friction. This is not at all a critical step, but it definitely feels great.

2. Starting at the base of your neck, take the flat side of the tool and move upwards towards your chin applying reasonable pressure.

3. Move to the chin. From the base of your chin, take the same flat edge and sweep upwards towards your cheekbones. Repeat this step on each side of your face three times. If you feel particularly tense in your jaw, you might want to focus on this area. The jaw is my favorite part and Kari taught me how to identify and blast the stagnation “crystals” that accumulate there.

4. Switching to one of the smaller angles on your tool (there are usually a few, you can choose the most comfortable for your face shape), begin on the side of your nose and sweep outwards over the cheekbones towards the temples and over your brows for a lift. End with a few swipes up the nose towards the forehead.


IMG_8700 2.JPG

Is aging backwards a thing? They say that 40 is the new 30 - and for many aspects of life it’s 100% true. But if there’s one area the adage doesn’t totally apply, it’s to our health. You have to consistently work at it.

Working out and eating well to age proof your body (or to become fit) means that you’re strengthening the systems of your entire body for everyday peak performance. It’s a lot like servicing your car. And that’s what your main goal should be.

In my opinion, the ultimate outcome of any fitness and wellness program is feeling GREAT in your skin at any age. Age proofing is a lifestyle, and it’s a high vibes only attitude on every level - more on this later in the post.

So many of you ask me how I look so “young” (THANK YOU) and at 41 I’ve never felt better in my skin and I’m still learning, but I’m excited to see what my 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond bring. These are my current rules of the game when it comes to ageless living and age proofing your body and mind.

Move Everyday Exercise brings blood to skin level and makes you look and feel alive. Do what feels good for you, but aim to eliminate a disordered relationship with exercise. So many people think of movement as solely a means of undoing what they’ve consumed, but It’s much more than that. Get moving and feel the lifeblood.

Water With Lemon Just do it everyday, trust me.

Sunscreen See above re: water with lemon.

CCS & Studio LB Both the method and the programming protect the body by maintaining lean muscle mass, flexibility, muscle balance and endurance via resistance training, cardio, and core strengthening. Whether it’s a cardio or sculpt, a Quick Burn or Full-Length workout, every session has core strength, stability, and muscle balance as it’s foundation.

Joint Care Beyond your thirties, you’ll start to notice wear and tear on some of your joints, which is normal – those joints have been in use for some time – and not anything to freak out about in itself. However, heavy training, especially impactful endurance work like running or high impact cardio, can sometimes exacerbate things. It’s important to really listen to your body and consider a couple of useful supplements like glucosamine, turmeric and collagen – which can work to slow and even reverse joint degeneration. 

Commit To You Consistency is so key. You have to commit to your health and own your choices. What we do everyday counts more than what we do a few times a month. Don’t just exercise when preparing for a wedding, event, or vacation. When health becomes a habit, everything shifts and it becomes your lifestyle. Try to focus less on the end goal and more on what you do daily and watch real transformation take place!

Love Yourself Stop berating yourself and do not compare and despair. Tell your brain to STOP IT. So much precious time is wasted on shaming and judging yourself. It’s your job to break the brain that habitually believes a story that’s hurting you.

High Vibes Only What does this mean? Making the conscious decision to be holistically healthy and happy in all aspects of life. If we are operating at a ‘lower vibration’ then that means that something is blocked. You want nothing to do with anything that makes you feel sh*tty, so when we make conscious decisions to bring our body back into balance, the body will vibrate at its highest potential, generating health and happiness.

Embrace The Power Of A Whole Foods Diet Whole foods literally put your body in a power position. Don’t eat the crap. Basically everything we need is whole and unpackaged.

Make Space Schedule time for both productivity and relaxation in order to lower stress. During your scheduled workout time, clear the way for clarity. When you’re in your home studio you want no trappings of daily life, so move the laundry hampers and take-home work. Clear out whatever isn’t serving you or is weighing on you to maximize your me-time.

Feeling great in our 40s and beyond does take some work. For me, the transition from 30s to 40 was a little challenging mentally, but what happens to women at 40 is nothing short of astonishingly beautiful. Everything changes for the better. Beauty and confidence really starts to radiate from within and you really do love yourself a whole lot more. I notice that I move feely now and I love being myself, and I love being a woman.

Oh, and IMO, a little Botox never hurts, either. ; ) Next up, I’ll focus on the products and clothes that help me glow from the inside out!



I wanted to share Amanda’s inspiring progress with you guys after two months of Studio LB. I’m so proud of her! She emailed and said, “I had a wake up call in March when dad snapped a picture of me at work. I’ve never weighed myself on a regular basis and hadn’t been one to be watchful of my diet but when I saw this picture, I knew I needed a lifestyle change! I weighed myself in at 157 and did Whole30 in April. This definitely jumpstarted my journey. I dropped down to 140 but knew that changing my diet was not going to be enough (at least not enough for me to feel proud of my body) so I texted my friend, Nikki to get the name of the women she always raved about!

Here’s me on April 30th before starting The Program and Me this morning (9 pounds lighter and so toned!!!!!!). I love your workouts! How do you always know what to say to me to get me to push harder and never give up?!? You have helped me feel so proud of everything I’ve accomplished the past two months. I love the messages and encouragement (and tough love) you deliver on my iPad each week. I have so much more energy and body positivity. I’m also constantly surprised by how much more I can do each week. Can’t wait to see what else this summer brings. Thank you for being my cheerleader.”



It’s lower body week! We’re just shy of our 500 workout mark and there are so many gems in the library. If you’re looking for a little extra for a visible lift in under 30-minutes, I recommend searching:

Quick Burn: 11-min Lower Body Sculpt

Quick Burn: 30-min Total Body Loop (glutes and upper body)

Quick Burn: 10-min Obliques, Legs and Booty

Quick Burn: 12-min Grounded Lower Body

Quick Burn: 7-min Thighs And Butt Lft 

7/8/19 Studio LB


Ready for the ultimate lower body shape and lift? We’re beginning the week with three new total-body (with a glute & lower body focus) workouts and a really effective Quick Burn from the library. Also, I'm incredibly excited to have cracked the gluteal-hamstring code plus backs of the inner thighs for you guys with, Milkshake. Don't miss it!If you want to go beyond the schedule, I’ll tell you which workouts will get your there in this week’s episode of LB TV.

This week's workouts:  Stardust, High-Low, Milkshake & LBB

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt, Stardust is a 50-min. total-body, light and heavy weight cardio + sculpt that is so sweaty and fun. The cardio breakdown progresses to burpees, pushups, see-saws, standing core, and weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges. This week’s sculpt, High-Low is a 45-min. game-changing core weighted sculpting session that includes Waist Rotations, Star, and standing hip and glute work.

Quick Burn Workouts: Milkshake is a 23-min. looped QB. that really targets the gluteal-hamstring connection. You see and feel lifted. LBB is an 18-min glute-focused QB that everyone loves.

Featured Music: Koffee, Khalid, Drake, Zara Larsson, benny blanco, Andrew Belle, Chrome Hearts, Lykke Li, Rhye, The Weeknd, & Leven Kali.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere below the navel.

Activewear by: Nike, Adidas, PE Nation, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!



Air Max 95 via Nike

Did the fourth sneak up on us, or what? I love Independence Day so much: time with my family and friends, fireworks that burst first and then sizzle, and flag-shaped pies made with strawberries and blueberries. This year, we’re heading to Newport Beach for a long weekend and that means four whole days outside of my normal routine. 

Gearing up my motivation to stay consistent on vacation can be tough, so I try to get in either a full 50-minute or shorter, 25-min. Quick Burn Studio LB workout before everyone else wakes up for the morning. This week’s 26-min. Cardio + Sculpt, Brooke is perfect for the holiday week. If I skip it in the morning, inevitably a mimosa finds its way into my hand around brunch time and I lose steam. Other than motivation, logistically getting a workout in on vacation depends on how strategically I pack for the trip. Sometimes I’m so focused on being sure Mars has swimsuits, jammies, extra underwear, etc, that I can leave my own packing to the very last minute.

This time I’m packing my Oh Joy! weekender bag to set me up for success to stay on track fitness and nutrition wise, and wanted to share my four key staples: loops, chia seeds, supplements, and sneakers. Even though Newport Beach is just a quick drive for us this time, all four of these staples are carry-on friendly for when I’m flying too.


Studio LB Loops

It’s not realistic for me to travel with a set of 8 or 10 pound weights, but loops are basically weightless and perfect to toss in my bag. My loops set includes light, medium, and heavy resistance bands to sculpt the booty, hips, thighs and upper body. If you scroll down in the Explore page of the Studio LB app and click “Search by Prop,” you’ll find Sculpting and Cardio workouts incorporating loops that you can do while traveling.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and calcium. I like to either prep chia pudding and leave it overnight in the fridge if I have access to a kitchenette, or add them on top of my salads throughout the day. I definitely prefer soaking chia seeds to eating them dry, since hydrated chia helps me feel full longer and is easier to digest.



I portion out scoops of Moon Juice protein powder into travel storage containers rather than bringing the entire tub with me, and aim to make one nutrient dense smoothie per day. It’s helpful to toss single serving packets of MCT oil in my carry on too to boost brain function, digestion, and overall energy.


It’s no secret I’m obsessed with sneakers. I justify my devotion to them saying they’re basically my work wardrobe... right? Whether you choose to wear them on your flight or tuck them in the base of your roller bag, don’t leave them at home. You can find time on your trip to get a sweat sesh in. Since moving to California, I’ve really come to love hiking as a social way to get in my workout and sneakers are key. If you do forget them, I learned recently that Westin Hotels have a fitness gear lending program which is so awesome.

So that’s my basic packing plan for Independence Day to make sure I stay on track food and fitness wise! This trip I feel really prepared to stick with my regular routines even during an excellent, fun, celebratory holiday weekend. Text me on the hotline if you have any questions or ideas about fitness over the Fourth 424-327-5470. 

7/1/19 Studio LB


Happy July! We’re beginning the month with three new total-body (with an ab-focus) workouts and a much-loved Quick Burn from the spring. We’re experiencing delayed video processing so this week’s content will trickle in this morning. If you LB early, please do your favorite cardio workout, or, I’ve placed similar workouts in this week’s collections for you.

This week's workouts:  Madhappy, Linny, Brooke & Hourglass

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt, Madhappy is a 50-min. total-body, no equipment cardio + sculpt that is really easy to love. The cardio breakdown progresses to burpees, pushups, see-saws, standing and grounded Abs. This week’s sculpt, Linny is a game-changing weighted sculpting session that you’ll feel all week long.

Quick Burn Workouts: Brooke is a 26-min. Cardio + Sculpting QB. that’s perfect for this holiday week. Hourglass is an 18 abs-focused that everyone loves.

Featured Music: Calvin Harris, MK, Tom Doolie, Morgan Saint, Mark Ronson, NERVO, Rhye, Lil Nas, YG, Herve Pagez & Post Malone.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere

Activewear by: Nike, Adidas, PE Nation, Sukishufu, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!



In your own mind, you are probably always working toward certain goals with regard to your fitness, well-being, finances, family life, and so on. Personal goals are often incredibly private, and with good reason since it taps into your vulnerability, desire, and insecurities. But unless you tell your friends or family, they probably aren’t acutely aware of your personal goals and intentions. I’ve found that rather than expecting those around me to be clairvoyant, divulging my intentions and goals with my trusted inner circle is so beneficial when it comes to actually achieving them.

It’s helpful to define the difference between goals versus intentions. Both are useful tools to identify, though goals are simpler and more definable to share with a trusted confidante. Goals are focused on the future while intentions are in the present moment. Goals are external achievements, whereas intentions do not necessarily have to be. They can work together, and we’ll get into intentions again in another post soon!

To me, sharing a personal goal individually is more beneficial than declaring it publicly on social media. I’d rather tell my husband my goals because I trust and love him, and he’s also more likely to call me on my bullsh** if I am straying too far off course! The purpose of talking openly about your goals is not about external affirmation like likes, comments, or shares but about building up pillars in your support system. Your mom, partner, bestie, or even a coworker can serve as a sounding board and motivator guiding you in the right direction. The one time I find facebook and instagram as the best place to talk about your goals is sharing your Before & After photos! They can be super inspirational to others, and show the goals you’ve reached so far on your journey.

It’s important, in my opinion, to entrust a trusted or loved one with the personal goals you have laid out for yourself. This is for a few reasons, two major ones include basic accountability and also solidifying your goal with specific parameters.

If you take responsibility for your actions, you are showing accountability.  One way to keep yourself accountable is to plan out and write down your weekly schedule of Studio LB workouts, and tick them off as you complete each one. It sounds super simple, but checking something off your list feels incredibly satisfying. Try sharing your weekly checklist with a buddy who also does Studio LB workouts, and you can check in daily once your session is complete. I even know two users who link their Apple Watches to compare their stats each day (it’s under the Activity app, Sharing tab FYI)!

Defining the parameters of your goals is also key when it comes to discussing them with a confidante. For example, just saying “I want to feel better/stronger/healthier” is super subjective and tough for an outsider to comprehend. Instead, if you define that you want to be able to get through a 50-minute cardio workout without modifying, use 10 pound weights for the entirety of a heavy weight sculpting workout, or even fit into a certain dress for an upcoming wedding, it will be easier to share that specific goal. Defining your metrics for a personal goal makes it more tangible and ultimately more achievable. Generic goals garner generic results, so get specific.

In sharing your goals and speaking them out loud, it means you have a clear understanding of what you’re aiming for. It also can spark a conversation that helps you further clarify and sharpen your focus. Self motivation is always #1, but check ins from a friend or family member can definitely reinforce your commitment to achievement and help you feel less alone. I want to know what you’re working toward, so let me know too. Share away!



If you were a bride in the Philly area between 2004 and 2017, you’re likely familiar with the work of creative powerhouse Carrie Whitcraft. She worked at Philadelphia magazine during that time, and for many years was the editor of the twice-a-year bridal mag Philadelphia Wedding. Her book The Bride’s Instruction Manual is a no nonsense guide to wedding essentials. We talked to her about her own nuptials, new(ish) motherhood, and how our bodies change with the years. Carrie lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania with her husband Mike and son Jack.

You wrote for Philadelphia Magazine about all things wedding-related. Did this affect how you planned for your own wedding?

Having my life be all about weddings even before I got engaged meant a few things when it came time to plan my own—the absolute best being that I got to skip the whole vendor-research part of the program, which tends to be super daunting right off the bat when brides first dive into it all. My husband and I decided we should do New Year’s Eve before we had downed our first celebratory drink post-proposal, so I texted Alison Conklin, who I knew would be my photographer (possibly before I even called my parents!), right then and there to see if she was free, and then lined everybody else up with a quick email in the coming week or two to tell them I was engaged and say hey, what are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Having done so much with weddings over the course of so many years also meant that I already had things in mind that I knew I wanted, and things that I knew I didn’t feel were necessary. And coming back to my amazing vendors, it also meant that I didn’t stress about a single detail, because I fully trusted them to hit it out of the park. (I didn’t even know a thing about my bouquet! My florist, Sullivan Owen, said she’d love to make that a surprise for me, and I loved that idea.) In fact, many of them were surprised and amused to find that they had to keep reaching out to me to discuss various details of the day. It really allowed me to focus on making wonderful memories with my family and friends and husband-to-be during that time.

You're consistently recognized on the 100+ minutes list in our community facebook group. When and where do you practice Studio LB?

I tend to do my workout right in my living room while my 22-month-old son naps. My TV browser won’t load the workout videos for some reason, so instead I do them on my iPad and use the reflection of the dark TV behind it as my “mirror.” It’s my goal this summer, however, to get into the habit of doing them at least a few days a week in the morning before he’s up (I have been blessed with a late sleeper, but a short napper) so I can use his short naps to get some other stuff done. I’ve been successful a few times so far!

How has having a child changed your approach to your health and fitness?

I feel like when it comes to fitting in my workout now, it’s not just when, but how! On days when nap time doesn’t work out, it takes a lot more effort and finagling to get it done than when I used to just decide on a 7am, lunchtime or post-work class. And when it comes to diet, things have definitely changed since having a baby (and, let’s be honest, since mid-30s turned into late!): what I used to do to drop a few-to-several pounds any time I needed to now does literally zilch. So that part of it definitely takes more effort, and isn’t something I’ve completely figured out just yet.

I also think that now, in addition to wanting to feel strong (I hate when I don’t) and fit into my jeans (I really hate when I don’t) like I always have, I love doing my workouts—especially these workouts, since I used to go to Lauren’s Philly studios—because they’re kind of a constant in my life when lots of other things have changed in recent years. For a really long time, I lived and worked in Philly and worked out at Lithe. Now, I live in the ‘burbs with two boys and don’t go into an office; I smiled about five minutes into my first Studio LB workout because of how oddly comforting it was to be doing the waist rotations and Thriller and bow-and-arrow-jacks (which I hate, btw) that I’d been doing since long before my life looks like it looks now. So that part of it motivates me to keep up with it, too.

What's one beauty product you can't live without and why?

You know, for years, any time I was asked this question, my immediate answer was P50 (Biologique Recherche’s miracle product that they got me hooked on at Rescue when I was in my 20s). But these days I actually think I might be more dependent on Beautycounter’s Facial Oil (I do #3, Balancing). It fixes oiliness, dryness, breakouts, flakiness—seriously any ailment your skin might have. My face literally drinks it in and feels relieved every time I put it on. I plow through it, but much like I’ve always felt about P50, I don’t consider it so much a splurge as an investment. I mean, your face is your face—when something works as well as this, you gotta keep it coming.

Photography by Alison Conklin

6/24/19 Studio LB


We’re rounding out the month with three new workouts and a sick Sculpt from 2017…I’m not sure that I could top it so I chose to repeat it. Don’t skip it …it’s fantastic.

This week's workouts:  She’s Dope, Precious, The Psychotherapist, & Poison

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt, She’s Dope is a 45-min. total-body cardio + heavy-weight sculpt that is SO fun and sexy . Like last week, the choreography is on the more dance end of the CCS Cardio spectrum, but we’re doing extra reps so I promise you’ll get it. The cardio progresses to burpees, pushups, and see-saws and heavy weight standing sculpting. Precious is one of my favorite game-changing grounded abs workout of all time. It’s a total-body, core-focused, grounded light and heavy weight workout. I LOVE this one, do not skip it!

Quick Burn Workouts: The Psychotherapist is a 24-min. standing wrist weighted QB. It’s the opposite of Poison, so I recommend pairing this with (or within 24 hrs ) She’s Dope or alternating with Poison. Remember Bel Biv DeVoe's song, Poison? It was my inspiration for this workout. Poison is a 25-min. grounded weighted and looped QB that tightens and lifts the bottom of the butt: Gluteus Maximus and Quadratus Femoris. DO it with a black band and a PAIR of heavy weights. You’ll see that I’m using a blue band and one light weight. Don’t do as I do.

Featured Music: Calvin Harris, MK, Tom Doolie, Morgan Saint, Mark Ronson, NERVO, Rhye, Lil Nas, YG, Herve Pagez & Post Malone.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere

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It’s time to level up. The summer solstice arrives in just a few hours. Even though Memorial Day weekend often feels like the official kickoff of summer, the summer solstice, which begins at 11:54am on Friday, June 21, marks the official beginning of our favorite time of the year. The solstice is a celebration of the sun, is a peak of energy for the entire year, and is a perfect time to reflect on your 2019 so far and excitedly usher in a new season.

I’m so ready to play, soak up the light and good energy that summer brings. Spring —and our time of renewal and grey is OVER. At Studio LB, we’ve been gently easing into this new season for eight weeks and now it’s time to shift into manifestation mode and make our goals a reality. Here are five ways to celebrate the much-loved incoming season.

1. Rise Early Watching the sun rise is a powerful reminder of nature’s cycles and our often overlooked circadian rhythm. Wake up early and watch it rise with your coffee or tea and feel how those diamond minutes fill you with light and positive energy.

2. Tune Into Nature The best way to honor the sun is to be in it, so take your Studio LB workout outdoors, eat outside, and buy fresh flowers to celebrate the new season and the abundance of life that the sun gives us.

3. Set Summer Intentions/Resolutions Today is the perfect time to set intentions and re-visit goals for the rest of the year. Reflect on projects and ideas that have been brewing since winter/spring. It’s a great time for a check-in, so make a list or light and candle and manifest what you want and let go of what you don’t.

4. Be Free Summer is an opportunity to slow down, loosen the reigns, and tune into your inner child. The warmer months bring us a carefree sense of freedom, and an expansive energy that propels us into action as we spend more time outdoors.

5. Create A Magical Summer Cocktail Traditionally, elderflowers and their leaves are associated with the summer solstice. Alternatively, you can utilize St. Germain or brew chamomile tea and add a dash of turmeric and ginger.

Nikki's Activation Transformation


Meet Nikki from the Philly area! Third Activation with me, now girlfriends for life. Nikki strictly practices Studio LB and regularly hits the 200+ minute list weekly, but was in a slump (for her) falling in the 100-200 min. range leading up to Activation. She decided to register for Sayulita a few weeks before we left becuase she was really struggling with motivation. It worked, giving her that push she needed.

Nikki’s strong, dedicated, coordinated, very fit, and loves to be challenged in-studio. Her challenges are tight hips and RUNNING...pretty sure she hates it and also hates ME when I make her do it 😝. Nikki lost 8 inches and I love that her entire body has leaned out and is more defined on day seven. Swipe to see her results just a few weeks post-Activation. Nikki, I love watching you progress every year and I can’t wait for the next one. Love you! 

LB Stuffed Poblano Peppers


Sub in this Stuffed Pepper recipe for your next Taco Tuesday! It makes the most delicious and healthy (with just a little heat) stuffed poblano peppers you'll ever taste. The best part is that the people in your life will also love these and you’ll have plenty of filling left over for burrito bowls in a pinch.


  • 4 poblano peppers halved and seeds removed

  • 1 pound turkey, lean ground beef OR tofu

  • 1 teaspoon each ground cumin, chili powder, garlic powder

  • 1 cup cooked cauliflower rice or brown rice 

  • 1/2 cup canned black beans, drained

  • 1/2 cup frozen or canned corn, drained

  • 1 15-ounce can diced tomatoes (I prefer fire-roasted), drained

  • 1 4-ounce can green chiles, diced

  • 1/4-cup (or just a sprinkle) grated mozzarella, Cotija or cashew cream

  • Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a large baking sheet. Arrange halved poblano peppers in a single layer on the baking sheet so that they aren't overlapping. Bake for 10-15 minutes while you move on to the next step. 

  2. Add ground beef (or preferred meat choice, see Note 2) and rice to a large skillet and season with the cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder. Saute over medium heat for 5-8 minutes until meat is browned and cooked through. 

  3. Stir in the black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, and green chiles. Cook another 1-2 minutes. Spoon mixture into the peppers, sprinkle with cheese, and return to oven for another 10 minutes or so until peppers are tender and cheese is melted. Allow to cool slightly before serving. 

6/17/19 Studio LB


We’re moving along and prepping for the beginning of summer - It’s another sweat in your eyes kinda week!

This week's workouts:  Night Queen, Royal, The Mother & Colette

LB TV: This week’s episode will land in-studio today. It’s all about abs and glutes!

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt, Night Queen is a 49-min. total-body cardio + light-weight sculpt SO fun and super sweaty. The choreography and transitions are a tad more advanced and on the more dance end of the CCS Cardio spectrum, but don’t not do it because of that! It’s totally do-able for all levels. On the first side we’ll vary speed within the transition so everyone can find their way. It then progresses to burpees, pushups, see-saws with a Torch variation and light weighted standing sculpting. Royal is a 45-min. total-body, core-focused, standing to grounded heavy weight 3x3. I love this one, it’s a sleeper : ).

Quick Burn Workouts: The Mother is a 22-min. grounded weighted and ankle weighted QB. I recommend pairing this with (or within 24 hrs ) Night Queen. If your form is on point, she’ll leave her mark on your obliques and lats within 24 hrs. Colette is a mighty, 25-minute, core-focused, fat burning QB that integrates our signature Standing Abs: Waist Rotations, Liberty to Attitude, and Knee Slides with Core Standing Sculpting: Squat Kicks, Absolute, and the toughie, Gurney to Get Up (careful….brace your core to protect your back during this transition to standing). To modify, just bend your knees and stand up. This one has a faster pace to challenge with speed but slow it down if you need to.

Featured Music: Calvin Harris, MK, Tom Doolie, Morgan Saint, Mark Ronson, NERVO, Rhye, Lil Nas, YG, Herve Pagez & Post Malone.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere

Activewear by: Nike, Adidas, PE Nation, Sukishufu, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!