In working with thousands of women over the last two decades, an overwhelming majority tell me they’re unhappy with the number on the scale. While I understand weight is a personal priority for many, it’s not always the best indicator of overall health. This week I’m interested in talking about a few non-scale victories (NSV) I’ve heard from you that can act as a barometer for your fitness and health progress. 

Broadly, a NSV is a health achievement that has nothing to do with your actual physical weight on the scale. Here are a few NSVs some of you have achieved and shared with me over time working the Studio LB program:

Increased Stamina and Strength

So yes this sounds almost more basic than Ugg boots and a PSL in October, but feeling harder, better, faster, stronger is such an ego boost. Studio LB users message me on the hotline (424-327-5470) when they can complete an entire CCS sequence without modifying or when their definition of “heavy weights” slowly changes from 5 or 8 pounds up to 10 or 12. As you work The Program or Quick Burns as laid out in my weekly calendars, every session emphasizes core strength, muscle balance, and stability as its foundation so you will incrementally grow your strength and cardio capacity. This strength and stamina has so many real world applications that can enhance your personal and professional life.

Better Sex

Your bra straps aren’t cutting into your back, sides, or shoulders and you know your buns are lifted high and tight after approximately one million Loop bridges. Feeling yourself and enjoying the way you exist in your naked body is key to being more open with a sexual partner and more open to accepting pleasure. Plus, increased blood flow from cardio coupled with a stronger core both contribute to stronger orgasms. More and better sex is a great NSV in my book.

Clothes Don’t Lie

One of my favorite things to hear from y’all is when your favorite pair of jeans slides on and buttons easily. I’m talking about the ones without even an iota of Spandex, maybe from like 1999, and they fit like a glove. Maybe your weight has remained steady, or even increased in some cases, but your shape has totally transformed. I feel like a broken record suggesting writing down your measurements monthly and taking before and after photos, but it’s an amazing and accurate way to track your progress regardless of your weight.

Let me know what drives you to stay consistent with Studio LB workouts and any NSVs you’ve celebrated along your fitness journey! I love seeing all of your posts on our Facebook page and in my DMs on Instagram.