let's get in formation

Hey!  My name is Lauren Boggi and I’m a fitness expert and fitness artist, athlete, celebrity trainer, and creator of the Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting technique.  

I am a cheerleader and an athlete.  I cheered my way to the collegiate level, Division 1A in the SEC at the University of South Carolina.  Cheer is by far the most underrated sport and workout out there (yes, it’s a sport!).  I'm also known as a pioneer of boutique fitness, and for the last decade I built and ran an incredibly successful studio-based beast of a fitness brand in Philadelphia, which was based on the spirit of cheerleading.  

Cheer evokes powerful change.  Inspiring and connecting people through movement is my passion, and creating fun and effective fitness content is my gift.  In 2015, a friend persuaded me to launch into tech by tapping into the powerful social media channel of Instagram with a fitness challenge.  The Build A Peach challenge was an epic hit and people from all over the world joined in to break a sweat and motivate each other. 

In January 2016, SELF Magazine and Active.com named @LaurenBoggi one of the top Instagram fitness channels to follow.  Within a few months people craved more than a 15-second clip, and Lauren Boggi Active was born.  

Where are we going?  Everywhere.  Join in online 24-7 at virtual Studio LB, get fit IRL with LB Active LIVE, and wander the globe with us.  I’m excited to break out of studio walls, activate the world, motivate people to branch out of their comfort zones, to find their strength, and be in charge of their future. 

Follow me.  I'll be talking fitness, beauty, health and wellness, style, sexuality, music, mom life, travel and culture on this channel.