Take a deeper look at the LB 100 program: 

Phase 1:  LB Starter Kit (Thurs 2/15 - Sun 3/18)  The first 10 days prepare you for change. Change doesn't happen overnight, but it starts with small initiatives. Whether you're a current member working out 4-6x per week, a member who uses Studio LB to supplement other workouts, or you haven't worked out in months, my LB 100 program is designed for everyone.  I want you to join in for as much as possible and find what works for you and your body.  Every member has different ability levels and different challenges.  Don't compare yourself to anyone, just work towards being a more healthy and fit version of yourself. Learn how to celebrate being healthier than you were the previous week, the previous month or previous year. 

The following three weeks of Phase 1 include healthy quick and mighty 5-10 min body-part focused workouts, and healthy habit challenges:  

  1. Monday, Feb 26th Join me for 1 wk of Smoothies + Arms
  2. Monday, March 5th  Join me for 1 wk of Salads + Abs
  3. Monday March 12th, Join me for 1 wk of Healthy Fat Booty (healthy fats + lean protien)

Unable to join Studio LB?  You can join in anyway!  My shorter, supplemental workouts will be available on my Youtube channel.  

Phase 2:  LB INsideOut (Mon 3/19 - Sun 4/15)  This month is designed to help you feel great from the inside out.  The focus is on making lifestyle changes, integrating mindfulness through meditation, and feeling more confident.  These changes will inspire you to live better overall.  

Phase 3:  LB Spring Training (Mon 4/16 - Sun 5/27)  Fitness is a key part of the entire program, but now that you've developed healthier habits and are feeling stronger and more motivated it's time to ramp up the fitness and food component in six weeks.  I want you to look and feel your absolute best when summer hits!

Phase 4: LB Activation aka The Summer Stunner Transformation! (Fri 5/18 - Thur 5/24)  The Activation is the ultimate wellness boot camp. One week in paradise that will give you the summer glow and body of your dreams.  One week of self care.  One week to work hard, relax, make new friends, have fun and focus on yourself.  It's one week of creating habits and learning lessons that will keep you healthy and your most fit through the second most indulgent time of the year.  And don't worry, if you can't make it to Activation, I will be giving you tips to push yourself from home.  

Are you in?