It's week three of the challenge and it's the perfect time for us to take inventory.  What is different from week one and week two?  Do you feel different from when you were in the post-holiday sugar haze of December?  Change takes time but you should absolutely feel some progress.  

Positivity and empowerment can take you such a long way, and growth is something that we all strive for, so I'd love for you to reflect on the progress that you've made over the last few weeks, stay positive, and try to push your goals a little further or re-commit. 

You all motivate me, and my goal is to help you feel empowered and help you empower others.  I personally think it begins with your health (through movement and in your kitchen) and spreads through the rest of your life. 

Is your inner voice telling you to quit?  Remind yourself that you are in control of that inner voice, and it's up to you to choose its message and what to listen to.  The decision to eat healthy or wake up and workout isn't an easy one - especially when our days are filled with SO many obligations and distractions.  You really have to be your own motivator.  It takes willpower, dedication, and real drive to make the choice to consistently push yourself, right?  Is your drive low?  It's easy to lose your focus any time of the year but the heart of winter is always a difficult time.  Try not to beat yourself up over falling off the wagon, but remember that nobody is going to do the work for you.  

Healthy living is a choice that you make. You have to commit, show up ready to work and not take the easy way out.  Tomorrow is a brand new day, so don't give up!