Lauren Boggi ACTIVATION Tulum


Sometimes the best way to recharge is to get out and get moving.  Change doesn't happen by accident.  We worked hard and played hard:  10 Activation workouts (including over 20 miles walked/run/biked), a Temezcal session, sunsets, coconuts, waterfront views, amazing food, and plenty of R & R is how we get there.  

Our group of 12 came from DC., Houston, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City.  Nine of the 12 people who went to Tulum chose to be measured and lost over 50" combined in 5 days, and all increased strength and endurance. 

So many people think that you have to deprive yourself to see the results and actually the opposite is true.  You have to feed your body to achieve change.  We enjoy three meals, two snacks, desert and wine every day, so there's no deprivation.  Can't wait to share their results and tell you where we're off to next.