Studio LB

STUDIO LB® is Lauren's fiercely effective fusion of dynamic total-body, cardio and toning core-defining moves choreographed to your favorite global dj's and Top 50 hits.

Created by fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Lauren Boggi, this intense, ever-evolving, dance and mat-based program for all levels challenges you to flow from one exercise to the next, building rock solid abs, lean, strong muscles, and gives you results, fast

    every week (8 new workouts per month)

    from any device 

  • $39.95/MONTH or $440 FOR A YEAR (one month FREE)

If you like HIIT, Dance Cardio, and Pilates, you'll love Lauren's intense, ever-evolving, aerobic and mat-based workouts.  Lauren blends the dynamic cardio of cheer choreography with the grounded and standing sculpting of cheer conditioning, for a fiercely effective fusion of dynamic total-body, cardio and toning workouts.

I recently subscribed to Lauren Boggi streaming classes and I am loving these so much! I have been a fitness fan for over 20 years, trying all different styles, methods and fads, getting bored of most of them fairly quickly. I thought I will never see anything new. And then I tried Lauren’s workouts. They are so much fun! And I so absolutely love Lauren’s energy and the fact that there is so much emphasis on the core exercises incorporated in cardio, in a fresh original way. I know it sounds unbelievable but 5 days of this cardio and I feel and see a difference in my waist. Thank you so much Lauren!