Following the Schedules

What does your Sunday morning look like? If it’s all sleeping in and bottomless brunch, I’m so jealous and equal parts hate/love you. If it’s always family obligations with your in-laws you can barely tolerate, God speed, I do not envy you. If it’s already getting a jumpstart on your Monday work load and grocery shopping to meal prep... same, girl, same. 

I ask because Sunday evening into Monday morning is when you generally get your weekly “Hi” from me in your inbox with your prescribed workout schedule. During the prior week I’ve planned and produced your weekly content, but Sunday nights into Monday morning are when I get to share with you what’s coming up on your schedule and that gives me butterflies. Will you like it? Will you do the whole workout each time? Did you feel it in your hamstrings like I did??

So it may seem like I’m just cranking out two longer and two shorter workouts per week, but I promise there is a method to my madness and a purpose for the schedules I give you weekly. I wanted to share a little insight of what goes into The Program and Quick Burn schedules, and encourage you to follow my suggestions for the next few weeks to really see radical changes in your body.

First and foremost, I plot out the week to optimize muscle balance. Even when a week has a specific focus, like last week we targeted upper body and back, you’ll still be seeing total body work to hit your core, lower body, etc. A balanced body is a happy one, and for many people the first sign of a muscle imbalance is joint or muscle aches (different from soreness). 

My programming develops your opposing muscles in harmony to properly support your body. To be honest, the only way you could end up with muscle imbalance from Studio LB is if you do everything on your right side, and then decide to bail on the second half of your workout!

The other key to following The Program schedules is alternating Cardio and Sculpting, while building in a Quick Burn or two and a rest day. The Quick Burn schedules also alternate between higher cardio and heavier weight sculpting day to day, just in a more condensed fashion. Almost every week I’ll kick you off on Mondays with cardio to set the tone for the week - it’s a great day to amp up your heart rate and challenge your mind/body connection with CCS choreography.

Finally, please don’t forget your rest day at the end of each week. Training six days a week is definitely enough, and our bodies need a day to restore. While we train we’re building strength, endurance and muscle and on that rest day our bodies’ connective tissue has a chance to rebuild. Taking a rest day can help you avoid mental and physical burn out, and also avoid any muscle strains or even stress fractures from overuse. Make sure to take a break and gear up for the week ahead!

Try it out for the next few weeks sticking to either The Program or Quick Burn schedule, and I want to hear your feedback on whether it makes a noticeable change in how you feel and look. Hit me on the Studio LB hotline with any questions 424-327-5470.

Upper Body in less than 30


It’s upper body week! We’re just shy of our 500 workout mark and there are so many gems in the library. If you’re looking for a little extra pop while working everything in under 30-minutes, I recommend searching:

Quick Burn: 28-min Atomic (Cardio Core & Arms)

Quick Burn: 20-min Cardio Abs & Arms

Quick Burn: 19-min Poppy

Quick Burn: 14-min High Summer Arms

Quick Burn: 10-min Dbl Banded Arms & Core



I wanted to share Amanda’s inspiring progress with you guys after two months of Studio LB. I’m so proud of her! She emailed and said, “I had a wake up call in March when dad snapped a picture of me at work. I’ve never weighed myself on a regular basis and hadn’t been one to be watchful of my diet but when I saw this picture, I knew I needed a lifestyle change! I weighed myself in at 157 and did Whole30 in April. This definitely jumpstarted my journey. I dropped down to 140 but knew that changing my diet was not going to be enough (at least not enough for me to feel proud of my body) so I texted my friend, Nikki to get the name of the women she always raved about!

Here’s me on April 30th before starting The Program and Me this morning (9 pounds lighter and so toned!!!!!!). I love your workouts! How do you always know what to say to me to get me to push harder and never give up?!? You have helped me feel so proud of everything I’ve accomplished the past two months. I love the messages and encouragement (and tough love) you deliver on my iPad each week. I have so much more energy and body positivity. I’m also constantly surprised by how much more I can do each week. Can’t wait to see what else this summer brings. Thank you for being my cheerleader.”



It’s lower body week! We’re just shy of our 500 workout mark and there are so many gems in the library. If you’re looking for a little extra for a visible lift in under 30-minutes, I recommend searching:

Quick Burn: 11-min Lower Body Sculpt

Quick Burn: 30-min Total Body Loop (glutes and upper body)

Quick Burn: 10-min Obliques, Legs and Booty

Quick Burn: 12-min Grounded Lower Body

Quick Burn: 7-min Thighs And Butt Lft 



In your own mind, you are probably always working toward certain goals with regard to your fitness, well-being, finances, family life, and so on. Personal goals are often incredibly private, and with good reason since it taps into your vulnerability, desire, and insecurities. But unless you tell your friends or family, they probably aren’t acutely aware of your personal goals and intentions. I’ve found that rather than expecting those around me to be clairvoyant, divulging my intentions and goals with my trusted inner circle is so beneficial when it comes to actually achieving them.

It’s helpful to define the difference between goals versus intentions. Both are useful tools to identify, though goals are simpler and more definable to share with a trusted confidante. Goals are focused on the future while intentions are in the present moment. Goals are external achievements, whereas intentions do not necessarily have to be. They can work together, and we’ll get into intentions again in another post soon!

To me, sharing a personal goal individually is more beneficial than declaring it publicly on social media. I’d rather tell my husband my goals because I trust and love him, and he’s also more likely to call me on my bullsh** if I am straying too far off course! The purpose of talking openly about your goals is not about external affirmation like likes, comments, or shares but about building up pillars in your support system. Your mom, partner, bestie, or even a coworker can serve as a sounding board and motivator guiding you in the right direction. The one time I find facebook and instagram as the best place to talk about your goals is sharing your Before & After photos! They can be super inspirational to others, and show the goals you’ve reached so far on your journey.

It’s important, in my opinion, to entrust a trusted or loved one with the personal goals you have laid out for yourself. This is for a few reasons, two major ones include basic accountability and also solidifying your goal with specific parameters.

If you take responsibility for your actions, you are showing accountability.  One way to keep yourself accountable is to plan out and write down your weekly schedule of Studio LB workouts, and tick them off as you complete each one. It sounds super simple, but checking something off your list feels incredibly satisfying. Try sharing your weekly checklist with a buddy who also does Studio LB workouts, and you can check in daily once your session is complete. I even know two users who link their Apple Watches to compare their stats each day (it’s under the Activity app, Sharing tab FYI)!

Defining the parameters of your goals is also key when it comes to discussing them with a confidante. For example, just saying “I want to feel better/stronger/healthier” is super subjective and tough for an outsider to comprehend. Instead, if you define that you want to be able to get through a 50-minute cardio workout without modifying, use 10 pound weights for the entirety of a heavy weight sculpting workout, or even fit into a certain dress for an upcoming wedding, it will be easier to share that specific goal. Defining your metrics for a personal goal makes it more tangible and ultimately more achievable. Generic goals garner generic results, so get specific.

In sharing your goals and speaking them out loud, it means you have a clear understanding of what you’re aiming for. It also can spark a conversation that helps you further clarify and sharpen your focus. Self motivation is always #1, but check ins from a friend or family member can definitely reinforce your commitment to achievement and help you feel less alone. I want to know what you’re working toward, so let me know too. Share away!

Nikki's Activation Transformation


Meet Nikki from the Philly area! Third Activation with me, now girlfriends for life. Nikki strictly practices Studio LB and regularly hits the 200+ minute list weekly, but was in a slump (for her) falling in the 100-200 min. range leading up to Activation. She decided to register for Sayulita a few weeks before we left becuase she was really struggling with motivation. It worked, giving her that push she needed.

Nikki’s strong, dedicated, coordinated, very fit, and loves to be challenged in-studio. Her challenges are tight hips and RUNNING...pretty sure she hates it and also hates ME when I make her do it 😝. Nikki lost 8 inches and I love that her entire body has leaned out and is more defined on day seven. Swipe to see her results just a few weeks post-Activation. Nikki, I love watching you progress every year and I can’t wait for the next one. Love you! 

Betsy's Activation Transformation


This beauty is vertical and is always my favorite postural analysis. I swear that I do not make anyone stand wonky on day one! Guys, meet Betsy from Philly. Eighth retreat with me. Heart of gold. Always up for happy hour & another workout. Betsy began her fitness journey with me back in the day at Lithe and now she does group classes at Ripped Phl, personal training, and also fits in Studio LB. Honestly, I can’t imagine a retreat without her (head over to Lithe Escape to see pics through the years).

This was Betsy’s second retreat 12 wks post-op labral hip repair. We view Activation as part of her recovery. She’s strong, very fit, and loves to be challenged on the beach and in-studio. Her challenges are keeping her traps and mind out/in of the game and balancing her back and hip mobility during core/floor work. Betsy lost 6 inches and I love that her entire body is much more balanced on day seven. I cant say that we always see eye to eye re: rest days , but I get her type of ‘crazy’ and we have a great working relationship. I adore you, B!



Um...Taller, leaner, richer, more fit? (jk about the richer). This babe wishes to remain anonymous but I SO wish you guys could see her gorgeous smile more than anything. J’s a busy attorney and mom of two from Princeton, NJ. She practices Studio LB daily and makes the 200+ & 300+ minute list, weekly. I was so excited when I found out she was going on Activation so that I could get to know her better. She’s super focused, dedicated and has great form. J lost 9.825” in Sayulita and I think she found out that she was way stronger than she thought she was. We worked to open up her chest by strengthening her back and you can see that her posture has improved, her legs are stronger, and check out the space change between the arms and torso. Oh, and those abs are poppin’. Love you, J you look amazing!

Lauren's Activation Transformation


Meet Lauren! This was Lauren’s 4th retreat with me. Lauren gained strength, a new 🍑, more defined abs and leaned out everywhere with an 8.875 inch loss. She works for a Trading Firm in Bala Cynwyd, PA, but her most rewarding job is being a mom to a 19 year old and a two year old. She does Studio LB & occasional private/digital sessions with me. A funny story - Lauren doesn’t drink alcohol but she loves her sweets. For the first three days we were indulging with two (healthy) desserts a day but in order to balance moderation and results I often work with the staff to adjust our food mid-way through the trip. So, I cut the group back to one dessert per day, mid-week. She had a bone to pick with me and she spoke her mind (which I love about you, Lauren!) and said, “If I’m not having wine I’m HAVING that second dessert.” She did, and she still saw amazing results. Lauren has great form and body awareness and she’ll push forever. We worked to balance her out and reduce ribcage and pelvic rotation. She’s much more balanced now. Congrats Laur, you look awesome!



I want to preface this by saying that I’ve been doing these retreats for over a decade & this is my most meaningful transformation story to date. Meet Nicole from Philly! She works in wealth management, is a mom to grown twins & also is a g-mom. Y’all, I adore this woman SO much. Salt. Of. The. Earth and so much fun. You can see what Nicole achieved (she lost 12” in 7 days) but swipe right to see her 14 days later...she’s LITERALLY a new woman. Initially I was a little concerned b/c I don’t like to “bootcamp” people, but I knew Nicole would see mental/physical changes even if she participated in less than half of the workouts. Prior to Activation she had never trained with me and hadn’t worked out regularly in years. Also, she’s not into fish or veggies but she was there for it ALL. The most amazing thing is that Nicole gave up a Wawa coffee and creamer ☕️ addiction while on Activation. Actually, she didn’t have coffee at all in Mexico (mind-blowing). It takes so much tenacity, willpower, and mental fortitude to go from zero to 13 miles of movement in a day/20 hours in 1 week but she kept pushing. Nicole, we got the ball rolling and I’m so proud of you and happy for you. I know you feel as amazing as you look.

Lauren's Activation Transformation

Meet the beautiful Lauren from Philly! This was Lauren’s 4th retreat with me where she regained deep core strength and lost 8.875” in 7 days. She’s a busy attorney who takes weekly Barre 3 classes and just recommitted to her Studio LB practice. She has incredible form, FOCUS and body awareness. We worked to make her workouts and movement more dynamic, more impactful and full-body. Since Activation she has been running three miles a day (I’m so proud of you!). We also strengthened her lats and thoracic spine and you can see how her posture has improved in just one week. She’s much more open through the chest and shoulders. Lauren, you look FANTASTIC 



Meet Cat from LA! Cat lost 11” (11.6875” to be exact) and gained so much physical and mental strength in just 7 days. She’s a busy professional who fits in weekly Soulcycle, private Pilates sessions, Studio LB Quick Burn workouts & occasional private/digital sessions with me. For the past few years I’ve been trying to get her to attend an Activation b/c I KNEW it’s exactly what she needed, and I’m so glad she went to Sayulita. Cat’s adventurous, fun, and always up for anything. She has really great form and body awareness. She has tight hip flexors, traps and SCM. We worked to strengthen her weakened levator scapulae and you can see how much her posture has improved in just one week. She’s much more open through the chest and shoulders. Congrats, Cat! You look freaking phenomenal!



I’m featuring some of the women that went on Activation Sayulita with me last week! What we achieve in just SEVEN DAYS never ceases to amaze me. Our group of 10 women lost 86” and gained so much strength without missing a meal/margaritas/dessert. I’m kicking off with my partner in crime, Katie. Katie is naturally lean and follows a vegan diet. She’s strong, loves to be challenged and she really excels during our beach workouts. Her challenges are firing into her Serratus Anterior and keeping her neck and jaw relaxed during breath-work and sculpting. Katie lost five inches and I love that her abs are popping and hips are more balanced on day seven. Katie, you look so fit!