Following the Schedules

What does your Sunday morning look like? If it’s all sleeping in and bottomless brunch, I’m so jealous and equal parts hate/love you. If it’s always family obligations with your in-laws you can barely tolerate, God speed, I do not envy you. If it’s already getting a jumpstart on your Monday work load and grocery shopping to meal prep... same, girl, same. 

I ask because Sunday evening into Monday morning is when you generally get your weekly “Hi” from me in your inbox with your prescribed workout schedule. During the prior week I’ve planned and produced your weekly content, but Sunday nights into Monday morning are when I get to share with you what’s coming up on your schedule and that gives me butterflies. Will you like it? Will you do the whole workout each time? Did you feel it in your hamstrings like I did??

So it may seem like I’m just cranking out two longer and two shorter workouts per week, but I promise there is a method to my madness and a purpose for the schedules I give you weekly. I wanted to share a little insight of what goes into The Program and Quick Burn schedules, and encourage you to follow my suggestions for the next few weeks to really see radical changes in your body.

First and foremost, I plot out the week to optimize muscle balance. Even when a week has a specific focus, like last week we targeted upper body and back, you’ll still be seeing total body work to hit your core, lower body, etc. A balanced body is a happy one, and for many people the first sign of a muscle imbalance is joint or muscle aches (different from soreness). 

My programming develops your opposing muscles in harmony to properly support your body. To be honest, the only way you could end up with muscle imbalance from Studio LB is if you do everything on your right side, and then decide to bail on the second half of your workout!

The other key to following The Program schedules is alternating Cardio and Sculpting, while building in a Quick Burn or two and a rest day. The Quick Burn schedules also alternate between higher cardio and heavier weight sculpting day to day, just in a more condensed fashion. Almost every week I’ll kick you off on Mondays with cardio to set the tone for the week - it’s a great day to amp up your heart rate and challenge your mind/body connection with CCS choreography.

Finally, please don’t forget your rest day at the end of each week. Training six days a week is definitely enough, and our bodies need a day to restore. While we train we’re building strength, endurance and muscle and on that rest day our bodies’ connective tissue has a chance to rebuild. Taking a rest day can help you avoid mental and physical burn out, and also avoid any muscle strains or even stress fractures from overuse. Make sure to take a break and gear up for the week ahead!

Try it out for the next few weeks sticking to either The Program or Quick Burn schedule, and I want to hear your feedback on whether it makes a noticeable change in how you feel and look. Hit me on the Studio LB hotline with any questions 424-327-5470.