7/29/19 - High Summer 2019


This week we’re officially three years old AND have 500 workouts in the library! I could not be more grateful for this community and I’m blown away by the incredible work you do, your results, and the support we’ve witnessed since launching Studio LB. Thank you for allowing me to create for you week after week, month after month, and trusting me with your most valuable possession (your health). These last few years have taught me that there’s no definitive end to anything, and there’s no real failure and no real win. Just authenticity and passion over everything.
This would not be possible without all of you and I feel so lucky, ALIVE, and loved. I have so much coming your way this week: a workout playlist, bonus moves, and more.

Login and check out this week's High Summer 2019 playlist. This playlist is designed with transformative results in mind so it's perfect for right now, especially if you need a little high summer reset. We have so many gems in our 500+ library and I’m excited to look back on some of these favorites.

Workouts are arranged by date: Quick Burn, Cardio + Sculpt, and Sculpt. If you're new or coming back from hiatus, stick to the Quick Burn workouts and reach out to us on the hotline: 424-327-5470. I love hearing from you!