9/16/19 Studio LB


It’s a new week! If you're new or coming back from hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule and reach out to us on the hotline: 424-327-5470. I love connecting with you guys!

This week's workouts:  PYT, Yang, Dark Horse & 11:11

New Full-Length Workouts: PYT is a sweat-fest. It begins with more dance-based CCS choreography but don't give up on it (you'll get it, promise) and moves into a breakdown with extra reps, burpees, pushups and see-saws. The sculpting portion is challenging and includes same side weight work, and a pistol squat into fold-over to balance. This week’s sculpt,Yang is a 50-min. core sculpting 3x3 that combines some of my favorite and most effective standing core work. Yang will be in-studio on Tuesday. If you’d like to start the week off with sculpting, I recommend Royal, or one of your favorite sculpt workouts from the library.

Quick Burn Workouts: Dark Horse is a low-impact standing abs Quick Burn really tackles everything in less than 30 minutes. Expect to kick into your fat burners, and work your abs, arms and large muscle groups of the lower body (fat burners!). 11:11 is a 15-min Upper body focused Quick Burn. You'll have to really focus to get through parts of 11:11 but keep in mind that you're in the flow and on the brink of extraordinary change!

Featured Music: Post Malone, Sean Paul, Michelle Kash, ROSALIA, Lizzo, Swae Lee, Sofi Tukker, Aazar, M.I.A., Radiohead, Bazzi, & Crumb.

We’re feeling it: Just about everywhere…

Activewear by: , Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, Alo Yoga, KORAL & Reebok.

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!