7/8/19 Studio LB


Ready for the ultimate lower body shape and lift? We’re beginning the week with three new total-body (with a glute & lower body focus) workouts and a really effective Quick Burn from the library. Also, I'm incredibly excited to have cracked the gluteal-hamstring code plus backs of the inner thighs for you guys with, Milkshake. Don't miss it!If you want to go beyond the schedule, I’ll tell you which workouts will get your there in this week’s episode of LB TV.

This week's workouts:  Stardust, High-Low, Milkshake & LBB

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt, Stardust is a 50-min. total-body, light and heavy weight cardio + sculpt that is so sweaty and fun. The cardio breakdown progresses to burpees, pushups, see-saws, standing core, and weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges. This week’s sculpt, High-Low is a 45-min. game-changing core weighted sculpting session that includes Waist Rotations, Star, and standing hip and glute work.

Quick Burn Workouts: Milkshake is a 23-min. looped QB. that really targets the gluteal-hamstring connection. You see and feel lifted. LBB is an 18-min glute-focused QB that everyone loves.

Featured Music: Koffee, Khalid, Drake, Zara Larsson, benny blanco, Andrew Belle, Chrome Hearts, Lykke Li, Rhye, The Weeknd, & Leven Kali.

We’re feeling it: Everywhere below the navel.

Activewear by: Nike, Adidas, PE Nation, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

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