4/22/19 Studio LB

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You made it! This week we’re mashing up April’s cardio sequences and adding resistance to our grounded bodyweight series. If you’re following The Program, I’d like you to continue to walk/run for 30 minutes on Quick Burn days. If you’re following the QB Program, do your 30-minute walk/run two-three times per week or whenever you’re able.

This week's new workouts:  Finish line, Quartz, Attagirl & The Moves

LB TV: This week’s episode is all about what’s next: DIY week & the May Program

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Cardio + Sculpt mashup, Finish Line is a 47-min. total-body cardio + light weight sculpt that begins with standing abs, and progresses into cardio and a breakdown with grounded and standing, full-body sculpting. Apologies…audio is not optimal. Quartz is a 36-min. grounded multi-prop sculpt workout that incorporates a light resistance loop, weights and ankle weights to challenge the body.

New Quick Burn Workouts: The Moves is a 13-min heavy weighted sculpt. Attagirl is a classic 20-min Standing Abs Quick Burn that promotes muscle balance and targets the core and obliques.

Featured Music: Calvin Harris, Daya, Migos, Khalid, Elliphant, BLACKPINK, The Chainsmokers

We’re feeling it: ABS, shoulders, back and glutes

Activewear by: Gap Body, Nike, Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!