4/15/19 Studio LB


This week we’re expanding on our April bodyweight sequences and I know you’re going to feel it! If you’re following The Program, I’d like you to continue to walk/run for 30 minutes on Quick Burn days. If you’re following the QB Program, do your 30-minute walk/run two-three times per week or whenever you’re able.

This week's new workouts:  Dopamine, i work out, Twentynine & All In.

LB TV: This week’s episode is all about May—look out for it mid-week!

New Full-Length Workouts: This week’s Dopamine is a 43-min. total-body cardio + heavy weight sculpt that begins with cardio and progresses to a breakdown, burpees, push-ups and see-saws with grounded and standing, full-body sculpting. i work out is a 49-min. grounded and standing multi-prop sculpt workout that incorporates loop and dowel work to challenge the body.

New Quick Burn Workouts: Twentynine is a no-equipment, 26-min bodyweight sculpt. You'll stretch and strengthen every muscle in the body through a plank series, Arabesque and Scorpion, and you’ll feel it everywhere. All In is a 22-min loop Quick Burn that promotes muscle balance and targets the abs, back, upper body.

Featured Music: Michelle Kash, Bankx & Ranx, Billie Eilish, Childish Gambino, Khalid, Rhye, Cautious Clay, & Anitta

We’re feeling it: ABS and everywhere else.

Activewear by: Nike, Sukishufu, Alo Yoga, Koral & Reebok

If you're new or returning from a hiatus, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect through the Facebook Group or text us on the Studio LB hotline!