2/11 Studio LB


Hey Team LB! Say hello to this week's new workouts: Phenom, Circles, Hourglass & Triple L. Week two has us digging deeper into the core (specifically the abs, lats, inner thighs and glutes), and if you liked last week, I think that you'll love this week. Speaking of love, I LOVE getting to know so many of you!  If you're new, follow our Quick Burn schedule below and connect with me by joining the Facebook Group or text me on the Studio LB hotline!

New Full-Length Workouts: Cardio: 49-min. Phenom & Sculpt: 49-min. Circles

New Quick Burn Workouts: Hourglass is an 18-min. grounded core workout & 25-min. Triple LB is a fresh heavy weight sculpt.