I can’t believe how much Studio LB has grown over the past few years, and am so grateful that you all put your time, sweat-equity, and faith in me to help shape your bodies. With new full length workouts in The Program and shorter Quick Burns debuting each week, I’ve heard from some of the newer members to our community that the sheer size of the video library can be overwhelming.

While you know I urge you to stick to my weekly schedules for optimal results, there are also some days that you just want your workout to fit your mood. Here are my suggestions when mining through the library for those days you’re feeling some type of way.

If you’re feeling like the Energizer Bunny

9/10/18 Cardio (Workout 1) - Mentally prep for so many jacks you’ll lose count and a choreography sequence that will challenge your mind and body simultaneously. 

Spitfire - I don’t have to tell y’all how great of a cardio burn you’ll get from last week’s Spitfire! Next time you have energy bubbling over like crazy, cue it up and get ready to break it down.

6/11/18 Cardio (Workout 1) - Fast paced CCS that will have your pony swinging, your heels clapping, and then you’ll hit a serious challenge in the form of a spin move mid-sequence. 

1/28/19 Cardio (Workout 1) - Clocking in at 33 minutes, this workout mashes up three different short sequences interspersed with heavy weight sculpting focused on your upper body. I like to think it’s a little sexy and a lot sweaty.

If you’re feeling Bendy

Quick Burn: 23-min Rear View - Stretch the entire back of your body from head to toe, and lift your booty with no equipment necessary.

Quick Burn: 26-mint Mystic - Jams from Tame Impala and Ariana Grande lead you through a relaxing core stretch and strength flow. You finish the workout feeling limber and lean.

Quick Burn: 19-min Calm Aesthetic - Open your hips, lengthen and strengthen your arms, and get deep into your core with this mix of stretching and sculpting.

Quick Burn: 13-min Stretch - Calm your mind & warm up your muscles. This meditative stretching routine is perfect for first thing in the morning or right before bed, and it can always be added onto the beginning or end of another workout to keep you balanced and zen.

If you’re feeling Powerful

10/9/17 Workout 2 - Grab a dowel (or a Swiffer) and get ready to stabilize your core for the next 50 minutes. This is one of those sessions that can give you visible results almost immediately, which is so satisfying.

8/27/18 Workout 2 - Lifting with heavy weights makes this sculpting workout a total sweat fest, and one of the most discussed ones ever in the Studio LB facebook group!

2/25/19 Workout 2 - Post Malone, Lykke Li and Major Lazer will help get you through this crazy heavy weight and loop workout, with ankle weights for extra oomph.

If you ever need recommendations for a certain type of workout from the library to match your vibe, text me on the hotline at 424-327-5470 or start a conversation with the Studio LB community over at our Facebook page.