In your own mind, you are probably always working toward certain goals with regard to your fitness, well-being, finances, family life, and so on. Personal goals are often incredibly private, and with good reason since it taps into your vulnerability, desire, and insecurities. But unless you tell your friends or family, they probably aren’t acutely aware of your personal goals and intentions. I’ve found that rather than expecting those around me to be clairvoyant, divulging my intentions and goals with my trusted inner circle is so beneficial when it comes to actually achieving them.

It’s helpful to define the difference between goals versus intentions. Both are useful tools to identify, though goals are simpler and more definable to share with a trusted confidante. Goals are focused on the future while intentions are in the present moment. Goals are external achievements, whereas intentions do not necessarily have to be. They can work together, and we’ll get into intentions again in another post soon!

To me, sharing a personal goal individually is more beneficial than declaring it publicly on social media. I’d rather tell my husband my goals because I trust and love him, and he’s also more likely to call me on my bullsh** if I am straying too far off course! The purpose of talking openly about your goals is not about external affirmation like likes, comments, or shares but about building up pillars in your support system. Your mom, partner, bestie, or even a coworker can serve as a sounding board and motivator guiding you in the right direction. The one time I find facebook and instagram as the best place to talk about your goals is sharing your Before & After photos! They can be super inspirational to others, and show the goals you’ve reached so far on your journey.

It’s important, in my opinion, to entrust a trusted or loved one with the personal goals you have laid out for yourself. This is for a few reasons, two major ones include basic accountability and also solidifying your goal with specific parameters.

If you take responsibility for your actions, you are showing accountability.  One way to keep yourself accountable is to plan out and write down your weekly schedule of Studio LB workouts, and tick them off as you complete each one. It sounds super simple, but checking something off your list feels incredibly satisfying. Try sharing your weekly checklist with a buddy who also does Studio LB workouts, and you can check in daily once your session is complete. I even know two users who link their Apple Watches to compare their stats each day (it’s under the Activity app, Sharing tab FYI)!

Defining the parameters of your goals is also key when it comes to discussing them with a confidante. For example, just saying “I want to feel better/stronger/healthier” is super subjective and tough for an outsider to comprehend. Instead, if you define that you want to be able to get through a 50-minute cardio workout without modifying, use 10 pound weights for the entirety of a heavy weight sculpting workout, or even fit into a certain dress for an upcoming wedding, it will be easier to share that specific goal. Defining your metrics for a personal goal makes it more tangible and ultimately more achievable. Generic goals garner generic results, so get specific.

In sharing your goals and speaking them out loud, it means you have a clear understanding of what you’re aiming for. It also can spark a conversation that helps you further clarify and sharpen your focus. Self motivation is always #1, but check ins from a friend or family member can definitely reinforce your commitment to achievement and help you feel less alone. I want to know what you’re working toward, so let me know too. Share away!