Lauren Boggi
Your body won’t go where your mind won’t push it.

Today we're 70 days out from Memorial Day and the Spring season officially begins tomorrow!  I'm thrilled to kick-off phase two of my LB 100 program: LBINsideOUT.

LB INsideOUt begins today, Mon., 3/19 and runs through Sun., 4/15.  This month is designed to help you transition into the new season and feel great from the inside out.  We'll be making lifestyle changes (we need good skincare habits, right?), clearing bad energy, finding focus, integrating mindfulness through breathing, movement + meditation, and working on manifesting positivity and confidence. 

LB 100 INsideOUT At-a-Glance: 
Week 1:  3/19 - 3/25,  YOU + Fitness
Week 2:  3/26 - 4/1,  YOU + Food
Week 3:  4/2 - 4/8,  YOU + Lifestyle (beauty + home)
Week 4:  4/9 - 4/15,  Your Spring Training Prep 

These days of transition are happening now.  What do you want to bring with you from the last season?  What are you committed to changing (or giving up) in order to reach your goals?  

Lets put our minds to it!