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Happy 2018!  I just got back to LA – I had a great two-week break back east visiting family and friends.  I’ve personally never really been one to get wrapped up in the whole new years thing, but I was so freaking thrilled to welcome a new year– 2017 was full of loss, introspection, and a lot of change. 

This time last year I knew that 2017 would be my toughest year ever – but at the same time, I didn't realize that it was also going to be the most wonderful gift.  One year ago today, I had just filed for bankruptcy, was shutting down three separate studios/businesses, was angry AF at how unjust things were, and was wondering where I’d land. 

I kept my head down/high, but it wasn’t until June that the smoke finally cleared.  Then July arrived, and everything changed, literally overnight.  We found out that the startup that Jordan was involved in was moving to LA, and he was also offered an opportunity to be VP of Creative & Branding at Petco - and just like that we moved to LA in September.  Have you seen the talking dog commercials?  That’s Jordan's work. : )   

If you’ve followed a few of my posts here, you know that with all the loss and change came a lot of personal growth and freedom.  The hurdles of 2017 became amazing life lessons for me:  I’ve learned that I can once again trust my gut.  I’ve learned to slow down and relax.  I’ve learned not to force things and believe that everything will unfold at the right time.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that my artistic work has nothing to do with my self worth.  And, I hate saying this as much as I hate the word blessed, but I’ve learned that I am enough.  

There have also been a few surprises:  I have quickly fallen in love with the soulful (yes, it is soulful!) Los Angeles – it has such a different feel from the east coast.  A lot of people say that it’s superficial and fake, but I haven’t had that experience at all.  It sounds cheesy and maybe it’s the timing (or the sun), but I feel like I’ve reconnected with my soul here in LA. 

I have always been grateful for my practice and LB Active (especially in 2017), but I’ve fallen in love with Studio LB as a business, which, I never in a million years thought would happen.  I’m really excited to grow it, to work with people again, and not to be so wrapped up in operations; I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be at ground level doing what I love...with each of you. 

Which brings me to each of you.  I challenge you to not necessarily make a resolution, but to make your change.  Just do it.  Fall in love with yourself and do whatever it takes to make YOU happy this year.  2018 is all wrapped up in promise for all of us, and I hope that this post is arriving at the right time and fuels the fire for all the exciting moments and that are in store this year. 

And in spirit of the new year, blog comments are now turned ON.

Xx, Lauren