Welcome to lauren boggi active's Studio LB

Streamers, welcome to Studio LB!  I'm thrilled that so many of you have joined the community and I'm here to help you achieve your goals.  To help you get started, I offer all paying members a complimentary 10-minute, Orientation Chat via Skype, where you and I can talk about your goals, and perfect your at-home set up to give you an edge.  If you are interested, email us and we’ll get your session scheduled. 

As a Studio LB member, you'll receive eight, 50-minute workouts each month.  Each video will be available to you for 14 days.  You’ll see the best results if you do each new workout 2-3x times per week.  The first time you meet each workout, focus on familiarizing yourself with the choreography by laying the tracks in your brain.  Then, once you know the choreography, sharpen your motions, perfect your form and lift heavier (if you're able) during the second run through.  If you commit to the program and push yourself, you will begin to feel stronger in two weeks, and you will see amazing results within just 30 days.  

You don't need much to get started.  Grab your mat, light weights (I recommend 2-3 lb. weights), moderate weights (5-8 lb weights) and heavy weights (8-12 lbs).  Some people like to challenge with 1-2 lb. ankle weights.  I also recommend that track your progress by snapping a before picture of yourself in your bikini or sports bra and leggings so that you can see your progression throughout the month.