Let me preface this by saying, please excuse the mess.  This is my bedroom in my new home in Los Angeles.  My husband was involved in a start-up that moved to LA over the summer, and around the same time he was offered an incredible opportunity in California which officially (and very quickly) brought us to the west coast in September.  Yep, that is my mattress on the floor, all college-like.  That is my actual bed on the floor right next to it.  Oh, and the TV, too.  Totally on the floor.  Moving is no joke. 

I was casually taking a selfie in this gorgeous outfit that was generously gifted to me and when I posted it to Instagram Stories I received an influx of messages asking what I was doing differently, what has changed, etc., so I figured it was time to share with all of you. 

A lot has changed.  Many of you know that I had built a crazy successful brand from nothing, worked my tail off for 11 years and then had to stomach filing for bankruptcy in an incredibly public way, due to a bad real estate transaction. 

It’s really tough to talk about without referencing everyone who was involved (legal counsel, and financial) and their role in it.  And, I had an enormous responsibility in it because I put my john hancock on that lease.  My company abruptly closing three days before Christmas was something that I didn’t see coming, because I was told by my attorneys that we would settle, that these things take years, and that the worst case scenario would never happen because any landlord would much rather settle for some money vs. no money.  But, in the end he got nothing.  He didn't want the money, he wanted to see me burn.  And boy, did I.  Like, a freaking inferno, baby.  You know, I don't like to do anything small (half joking!). 

I cried, and then felt a huge sense of relief, because six years of hell was finally over.  I'll go into more details and lessons learned another time (in the book), but my business was pure blood, sweat and tears.  It was half of my twenties and my entire thirties. I'll always be incredibly proud of what I built, but during the last few years of it I was completely - and very unhealthily - trapped within it.  Always waiting for a response and trying to settle (he was running from the law), so that we could get back into growth mode, and see it reach its full potential.  The closure was devastating.  Vendors were affected by it, employees were affected, my entire family was affected.  Everyone lost money, myself included (obviously).  But, business is business and I believe that karma will handle it all.  And, now freedom feels really good, and almost a year later, I am ME again. 

Anyway, you would think that after many years of experience in the fitness, health and wellness realm that I would be a health guru, but I’m not.  Wait, let me correct that.  I wasn't.  Sure, I knew a ton about fitness, food, health and the body (even had a Huffington Post column 'bout it that I will eventually get back to at some point), but since sh*t hit the fan nine months ago, I've learned a whole lot more.  I've officially gone pro in a major way. 

Yes, I do look different.  I've gone through a real personal transformation.  I've not only shed a lot of anger and stress, but I'm now stronger and healthier on the inside.  I've also lost eight to ten pounds.  I wasn't much of a believer before, but now I know for certain that cortisol and stress play a serious role in weight loss.  So does sleep.  And, whatever you're holding onto emotionally will 100 percent prohibit you from reaching your full potential, so let that sh*t go! 

I have a lot to talk about, but first and foremost, I’m excited to share some of my favorite workouts, rituals, tips and tricks with you in the form of a 22-day challenge.  I want you to follow along with me.  You'll feel good, look great, have energy, and be happy.  We all know too well what the holiday season can do to our health and the best way to beat it is to get ahead before Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of this challenge, I want you to be inspired to take part in this challenge with ME for YOU, not for a prize, or a tank top.  This is all about embracing autumn, new beginnings, and entering the holiday season armed and ready, with intention.  I'll post more details soon and I hope you'll join me on November 1st!  

xx, LB