I've always had a major love for autumn and its promise of new beginnings.  Over the last eight months I've gone through a real personal transformation and I’m excited to share some of my favorite workouts, rituals, tips and tricks with you in the form of a 22-day challenge

I want you to follow along with me!  You'll feel good, look great, have energy, and be happy.  We all know too well what the holiday season can do to our health and the best way to beat it is to get ahead before Thanksgiving. 

If you commit to my plan and do this along with me, I promise that you'll feel brand-new and go into the holiday season strong, fit, lean, and confident. 

The Details

  • 22 days
  • Wed., Nov, 1st - Wed., Nov, 22nd

The Challenge

  • Complete Studio LB Workout 1 (2x per week)
  • Complete Studio LB Workout 2 (2x per week)
  • LB Extra Strength: Complete my 10-20 minute workout (2x per week)
  • Take a rest day (1x per week)
  • Follow my nutrition guidelines to get your best results (This is the only way you'll see major results in 22 days).