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Real change starts with small initiatives.  Whether you're currently doing Studio LB 4-6x per week, use Studio LB to supplement other workouts, or you haven't worked out in months, the next 30 days will establish healthy habits that will set you up for long-term success. 

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Getting Started
Welcome to the program!  The first 10 days prepare you for change. Start by doing as much as you can.  The more you do, the more profound your results will be. Every member will face different challenges, and it's OK if you can't complete every part of this program.    

The Food:

  • Clean out your fridge and get rid of unhealthy, processed food.
  • Plan + prep, so you have healthy options at the ready.   
  • Pick out 1-2 new healthy recipes each week.
  • Reduce dairy, refined sugars and overly processed foods. 
  • Choose more whole foods, unprocessed meats & complex carbs.
  • Try not to over-sweeten your food.  
  • Check labels.  Even "healthy" items may be full of sugar, salt + preservatives. 
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The Fitness:  Start increasing your daily activity regardless of where you are now. If you are an active Studio LB member, try adding in a walk or a shorter workout, weekly.  Brand new?  Begin with my Under 30-min workouts, and aim to complete a full 50-minute workout within 10 days!

The following three weeks of Phase 1 include healthy habit challenges, 5-10 min. quick burn workouts, and my favorite recipes.

Become a Studio LB member and access my program and full workout library for the best results.  Not a member?  My quick burn workouts are available on my Youtube channel.   

Keep in mind, this phase is additive. I want you start making 1-2 healthy changes and then add on as the program progresses.   Keep rolling with the habits you're creating throughout the following phases.  

Let's do this!