Lauren’s Story

I’m a fitness expert and creator of Studio LB. I’ve always been athletic, fit, and strong but I wasn’t always living my best life. Two years ago, I hit an all time low. I was twenty pounds heavier, incredibly stressed, unhappy, barely sleeping, and existing on caffeine and sugar.

As Founder and CEO of @lithemethod and @lithe_foods, I had a team of 50 employees, was teaching six classes a week, and was also trying to be the best mom, and wife that I could be. I was spending a lot of time taking care of others, but I wasn’t loving or taking care of ME.

Fast forward two years. I’ve perfected my program and I’m proof of what you can achieve. Studio LB has changed my life, and I want to help you do the same. I created this program to give women all over the world access to my life-changing workout —All for less than the cost of two fitness classes.

Studio LB is all about Living Better through confidence, empowerment, feeling your best physically and mentally, and fueling your body properly. I share recipes regularly and my nutrition plan is in the works. I’m excited to work with you and I look forward to helping you Live Better.

Xx, Lauren