Studio lb Works if you work


7-Day Activation Transformations


These Before and After pictures are from our most recent Activation in Sayulita, Mexico. What we achieve in just SEVEN DAYS never ceases to amaze me. Our group of 10 women lost 86” and gained so much strength without missing a meal/margaritas/dessert. The work they put in during one week on Activation is the equivalent of about one month of Studio LB.


Studio LB Results


Studio LB is results driven. Whether it’s to feel good in you own skin, look good in a bikini, or to fit into jeans that haven’t fit for you years. If you put the work in, Studio LB will work for you.


LB Community


Be part of the Studio LB community. Strong, powerful and driven. This community never ceases to inspire.


Word on the street


We’ve got you covered! Between the Studio LB Facebook group and the Studio LB Hotline, we’re here to support you, motivate you, and be your biggest cheerleader.